Do You Know How to Interview a Disabled Person? There’s more to it than you think.

Written by G. Neil Corp.

You’re probably going to face this situation, sooner or later. As disabled individuals increasingly enterrepparttar workplace, you’ll need to know what questions and statements are legally acceptable. Otherwise, you could face a major problem, because inappropriate comments and questions may prove costly to you and your business.

Did you know thatrepparttar 137037 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies interview guidelines and specifically states which terms can be used and which should be avoided? It’s a fact. And it’srepparttar 137038 law.

Do: • Explainrepparttar 137039 responsibilities ofrepparttar 137040 position • Ask about education, work experience, skills, licenses or certificates relevant torepparttar 137041 position • Provide reasonable accommodations duringrepparttar 137042 interview, if requested byrepparttar 137043 applicant • Ask to demonstrate ability or skill only if everyone interviewed forrepparttar 137044 opportunity is being asked to do so

The Leadership Imperative: Making Your Leadership Your Life

Written by Brent Filson

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Summary: The author describes a vision of leadership that you can use throughout your career. It's a vision that will also help enrich your life.

The Leadership Imperative: Making Your Leadership Your Life by Brent Filson

Nearly all leaders I've encountered are underachievers. They're getting a fraction ofrepparttar 137037 results they are capable of. And in most cases, it's their fault. Their failures arerepparttar 137038 result ofrepparttar 137039 choices they make. Forrepparttar 137040 opportunities to consistently get more results are all around them allrepparttar 137041 time, theirs forrepparttar 137042 taking.

For instance, to start getting more results than you are accustomed to getting, you simply have to change your mind-set. You should aim to make your leadership your life and your life your leadership. If you don't, you diminish both your leadership and your life.

To haverepparttar 137043 change in mind-set really sink in so it changes you in a deep, fundamental way, you must cultivate two dynamics: a vision ofrepparttar 137044 purpose of your leadership, andrepparttar 137045 dedication to realize that purpose.

The word "vision" has been used and misused ad nauseam. The trouble is that most leaders misunderstand it. When they think "vision", they look at themselves, at what they can do for themselves. To do well for yourself, an inward focus isrepparttar 137046 wrong place to look.

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