Do You Have a Round Toit?

Written by Pamela Geiss

Ah, let's see. You get up, get a cup of nice, hot coffee, sit down atrepparttar ole computer and resolve to get some serious work done. But first, let's check that weather report and see whatrepparttar 117853 week will bring. Okay, decent weather. Now let's get down to business. But first, maybe I'd better go and water those plants.

Now, that done, let's get down to business. But wait, did I feedrepparttar 117854 cat? And I need another cup of coffee.

My goodness, it's noon. Where didrepparttar 117855 time go? I've got to get a sandwich or something to eat. Half a day gone already! Now I have to work even harder to make up for lost time.

Does this sound like your day? Are you flunking "bossmanship"? And then, do you actually wonder why your business isn't going anywhere? Speaking of your former or present boss, is he successful? Gee, do you suppose he might have actually worked hard to get there?

Part ofrepparttar 117856 real problem withrepparttar 117857 Internet isrepparttar 117858 "wonderful" attitude that you can just sit back and watchrepparttar 117859 money roll in. Wouldn't it be magnificent if that were true? Just think about how great it would be to go out, do what you want when you want, and then just go to your mailbox and pick uprepparttar 117860 checks. Now that you have visualized that scenario, visualize this one: Get up early, sit down atrepparttar 117861 computer, read email, send out ads, send out sales letters, make phone calls, order ezine advertising, order guaranteed traffic, order targeted leads, follow up on email, read ezines, read other ads to see whatrepparttar 117862 competition is doing, check out ads that sound interesting, write articles, get ezine ready to publish, etc., etc. Get up tomorrow and do it all over again.

The Age of NOW

Written by Pamela Geiss

Are you allowing enough time for your business to be successful? You know, this isrepparttar age of "NOW".

Everyone seems to want everything NOW. Kids get into selling drugs to make money forrepparttar 117852 things they want NOW. People order something and want it NOW. We send an email and expect it to be delivered NOW. We then expect an answer NOW.

Alongrepparttar 117853 same vein, we learn there are millions onrepparttar 117854 Internet and expect success NOW. We are told by advertisers that we can get in this business NOW and make money NOW. We start our own business and wonder why in 2 months we aren't ready to retire and move in next to Bill Gates.

GET A GRIP! GET REALISTIC! Life doesn't work that way. Business doesn't work that way. The only difference in setting up a business onrepparttar 117855 Internet and doing it in a brick building is you can reach more people easier, but it still takes time to BUILD your business.

You have to PROVE to people that you are a legitimate business. How do you do that? You hang in there and get testimonials and HELP OTHERS. You do everything you can to getrepparttar 117856 word out about your business. You ask your satisfied customers to recommend you to their business associates. You ask for testimonials. You work HARD. You don't let yourself get discouraged. You BELIEVE in what you are selling, and if you don't, you find something else.

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