Do You Have a Dream?

Written by Gary E. Layton

I have some very important questions I wish to ask you. DO YOU HAVE A DREAM? Is this Dream connected with somehow improving your personal situation or gaining something in your life?

Maybe you just have a feeling lurking around in your head that something is missing and someday you will find it. Maybe you have not articulated these feelings torepparttar point where anything concrete has formed and you really donít know what it is that is bothering you. If this isrepparttar 117622 case my friend you need a Dream to set you onrepparttar 117623 path to some type of realization and meaning.

Nothing is ever accomplished without a Dream concerning finding something we do not yet possess. I donít care what it is or what you are looking for. Without a Dream to follow, you will never get beyondrepparttar 117624 point where you are right now.

Some people say that Dreams are worthless and not practical so donít waste your time. Well most good things in our modern life came about because someone had a Dream and worked at it until it became a reality. The automobile,repparttar 117625 telephone, electricity, airplanes, computers and almost everything else we now think we cannot do without. These things did not happen due to luck or anything else but a personís dream andrepparttar 117626 work to make it a reality.

Every one of us wants something. We want to be a better person; a more popular person; a thinner person; a better job, wealth and all that can bring, or maybe something simple like a new house or new car. It does not matter what it is but you must really want it, dream about it and takerepparttar 117627 action necessary to achieve it. Dreams are for everyone at any age, social standing, economic standing, race or creed. Dreams are for everyone with imagination enough to visualizerepparttar 117628 object of that dream.

Daydreaming or wishful thinking just donít cut it. Daydreaming or wishful thinking, while being fun, are not productive except forrepparttar 117629 entertainment value you may realize from pleasant speculation. A real Dream can bring pleasure thatís for sure, however, achieving that Dream involves a lot more than just thinking about it.

To be meaningfulrepparttar 117630 Dream must be achievable and over a reasonable length of time. If is not attainable it is then just wishful thinking and a sure way to become frustrated and more dissatisfied than you are right now.

So how does one build a Dream? Well, first of all you must examine where you are in life and what it is about your situation that does not please you. What is it you need to achieve to make your life better or more fulfilling? Now if it is a whole bunch of material things what you are really talking about isrepparttar 117631 money needed to obtain those things and unless you are an heir to a very rich relative you are pretty much betweenrepparttar 117632 rock andrepparttar 117633 hard place. It is one thing to dream about wealth and another thing to achieve it.

OK, letís say for arguments sake that personal wealth is your Dream. How high are you setting your sights? What does personal wealth mean to you? How much is enough? What are you willing to do to gain that personal wealth? How hard are you willing to work to attain that wealth? Do you need help from others?

How can you get that help? How much actual time do you have available to you to work for your Dream?

Do you haverepparttar 117634 basic finances needed to support your activities in pursuingrepparttar 117635 Dream? Lots and lots of questions to be answered right? Yes, and these questions andrepparttar 117636 answers you develop will help you setrepparttar 117637 parameters of your Dream.

Quitting Your Job for a Home Based Business

Written by Angela Wu

Many of us who start a home business do so while we're still working another job. Our jobs provide us with money for living expenses - and, if we're lucky, for funding at least a portion of our business startup costs.

Most people in this position hope to eventually leave their jobs to work from home full-time. But when'srepparttar "right" time to quit? While there's no black-and-white answer to this question, here are a few things to consider...

=== Are you confident in your ability to earn an income?

Some 'experts' recommend that you stick with your home business for at least a year before you consider quitting your job. This will give yourepparttar 117621 opportunity to 'feel out' any possible trends that may occur duringrepparttar 117622 year. For example, you may find that sales are slow duringrepparttar 117623 summer, and that your strongest months are from January to April.

If your business has been profitable for at least a year, you'll probably feel reasonably secure that you can continue to turn a profit even after you leave your job.

=== How will you manage your finances?

It's easy to get comfortable with a steady pay cheque. But once you quit your job, your business earnings will likely fluctuate from month-to-month -- sometimes significantly.

How will you plan and budget to cover mortgage payments, day-to-day expenses, child care, and emergencies? Do you have a contingency plan for times when business is lean? Will you have to change your lifestyle, and how? Are you willing to make these sacrifices? Will there be enough funds left over to invest into your business? If not, who can you turn to for a loan, and will you qualify?

Ask yourself questions such as these so that you can anticipate, minimize, and even prevent potential problems.

=== Do you have a proper working area available to you?

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