Do You Have The Most Desirable Selling "Mindset"

Written by Jim Meisenheimer

If your mind is set, you will be unable to change your mindset. For example Christopher Columbus . . .

He was born in 1451 in Genoa,repparttar son of a wool merchant and weaver. Do you recall whatrepparttar 138359 conventional thinking or "Mindset" was aboutrepparttar 138360 shape ofrepparttar 138361 globe at that time? It was believed to be flat. Not too many sailors sailed too far from shore fearingrepparttar 138362 worst. Columbus' mind was set. It was set for taking risks and exploring new worlds.

Columbus discoveredrepparttar 138363 New World on October 12, 1492 at 2:00 a.m. He changed his Mindset and we're still celebrating his courage, boldness, and discoveries.

How you think is everything. For example - where arerepparttar 138364 obvious places to look for new prospects forrepparttar 138365 products and services you sell? Make a list and go ask one of your competitors to dorepparttar 138366 same thing. Now compare lists. Hello - exactlyrepparttar 138367 same. Surprise - surprise!

Now make another list and don't tell your competition about this one. Make a list of allrepparttar 138368 un-obvious places you can go to find qualified prospects. Remember this is an un-obvious list and it requires a new and different mindset. It ain't easy but it is good. It isn't quick but it can be profitable for you. But first, you gotta removerepparttar 138369 shackles on your conventional thinking.

You'll get what you expect - so always expectrepparttar 138370 best to happen to you. Always be positive and expectrepparttar 138371 best. Only one person hasrepparttar 138372 keys to your thoughts - you. Put a lid on all negative thinking. If it's negative it's usually related to a past experience.

There are three houses you can choose to live in past, present, and future. You can toss awayrepparttar 138373 keys torepparttar 138374 past and future houses. You can't live there so there's no reason for you to spend any time thinking about them.

Put all your energy inrepparttar 138375 house called "Present or Today." When you wake up inrepparttar 138376 morning and don't see your name inrepparttar 138377 obituary column, consider yourself lucky and do everything to make today a "Masterpiece."

Expectrepparttar 138378 best in these situations:

1. You're calling on your competitor's best customer. Expect them to be receptive to your new ideas. Expect them to give you 1% ofrepparttar 138379 business because they're willing to see if you can earn even more.

Referrals - How to Get Them

Written by Alan Fairweather

Referrals are an extension of Networking. If people like you and likerepparttar sound of your product or service, then there's a good chance they'll tell other people about you.

If they already use your product or service and are totally satisfied, then there's also a good chance that they'll recommend you to others.

However, that won't always happen - people won't necessarily go around singing your praises to other people, unless someone asks them about you.

You can, however, take various actions to improve your chances of getting referrals:

*Ask people - Ask your existing customers if there's anyone else they know who could use your product or service.

*Ask if it's okay to contact them - and if it's okay to use their name

*Ask them - if they'd be kind enough to refer you torepparttar 138276 other person

*Ask if it's okay to check back - and find out whatrepparttar 138277 other person said. (This encouragesrepparttar 138278 person you're speaking to - to refer you)

*Offer incentives - Offer free product, a discount or a prize to an existing customer who refers you to a new customer. e.g. If I bring a new member to my health club, my name is entered into a draw for a new car

*Offer a "finders fee" - to anyone who finds you new business or donate money to their charities

*Have a referral form - This needs to be a simple document that you hand out to customers or give away at events or even post to people. It needs to say something like - "Who do you know who could use our product or service?" Then leave some blanks onrepparttar 138279 form forrepparttar 138280 details. Mention whatrepparttar 138281 incentive or reward is for them to do this.

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