Do You Have Terminal Brain Cloud?

Written by Dave Cole

Whenrepparttar movie, Joe vsrepparttar 146914 Volcano came out in 1990 it didn't get good revues, in fact many ofrepparttar 146915 critics believed it was Steven Spielberg's attempt at comedy and a flop at that.

But inside what seems like a comedy/romance there are some real gems of inner life wisdom.

Joe is an ordinary guy (played by Tom Hanks) who is stuck in a despicable job with despicable people. His life is pitiful, plus Joe's a hypochondriac on top of it all.

Joe goes to doctor after doctor and finally Dr. Ellison (Robert Stack) tells Joe he has a terminal brain cloud with only a short time to live. So Joe quits his job, tells his boss off and takesrepparttar 146916 secretary out for dinner.

An eccentric billionaire Samuel Harvey Graynamore played by Lloyd Bridges, approaches Joe and promises to give Joerepparttar 146917 lifestyle he always wanted and it all ends with Joe jumping intorepparttar 146918 volcano to appeaserepparttar 146919 fire god.

See, there is a mineral on an island called Waponi Woo that Graynamore needs and a volcano (the Big Woo), which needs a human sacrifice every 100 years. So Joe agrees to makerepparttar 146920 big leap.

Joe getsrepparttar 146921 lifestyle of a king then is transported to Waponi Woo byrepparttar 146922 billionaire's daughter Patricia, played by Meg Ryan.

Joe was a hero inrepparttar 146923 fire department before going to work in his present job. He had courage. Part of Joe vsrepparttar 146924 Volcano is about courage.

But Joe lost his courage and sold his soul to Mr. Waturi (his old boss) for a lousy 300 bucks a week. Joe was afraid. Afraid of losing his despicable job, afraid to say what was on his mind for fear of upsetting his boss, afraid to live his life, afraid to make a change.

And Joe became soul sick, he knew he was losing his soul.

Joe's life was controlled by one thing: Fear.

When Dr. Ellison told Joe he had terminal brain cloud, Joe was already dead. He didn't have a life, he was in a situation that he put up with every day for a paycheck and a totally false sense of security.

The minute Joe said he would jump intorepparttar 146925 volcano, it was then that Joe once again regained and refound his courage.

It was at that point that Joe began waking up out of his psychic slumber and started to become alive.

Joe had allowed himself to be controlled by his own thoughts of illness and allowed himself to be a victim, which lead him torepparttar 146926 despicable lifestyle he found himself in.

I Found Love at a Online Dating Site

Written by Ken Katz

Overrepparttar past few years, I discovered a few personality traits about myself that I wanted to change. When it comes to relationships I have had a hard time changing. I am stubborn. And, I don't like change. Sometimes, when you are set in your ways, change is hard.

Finding love has always been hard for me. I think I had found that special woman that I will wanted to spendrepparttar 146795 rest of my life with, but thenrepparttar 146796 bubble would burst. I discovered that what I wanted fromrepparttar 146797 relationship and what I actually had was vastly different. Probably my expectations were too high. I just wanted love, to be loved and to share my life with a special person. The women I tend to fall in love with tend to have different ideas. Some ofrepparttar 146798 women wanted to be supported, some seemed to just want a friend and then some really didn't know what they really want.

I found that I tended to stay inrepparttar 146799 relationship too long. I didn't leave when I knew I should. I did this because I always had hoped thatrepparttar 146800 relationship would change forrepparttar 146801 better. I had discovered that this is a false hope and never got better.

My problem is that I am was easy. What people call a pushover. It probably is a combination of low self esteem, shyness and having a really easy personality. I try to take life in stride. Even though I think I know what is happening, it is still really easy to take advantage of me.

My love life had gotten so bad that after my last relationship I decided I never wanted another relationship again. I was finished with this search that I have been told from childhood. It wasrepparttar 146802 fantasy that I must seek and findrepparttar 146803 right woman to share a life with, to support and take care of. I came to believe that that was "garbage" advice. I would take care of these woman buy they never gave back to me.

But, Internet dating has helped me slowly understand and change my personality traits. I have registered with a few online dating sites that I had researched on Google and found on dating site directories. I did not go to torepparttar 146804 big boys, like eHarmony or Match. I stayed withrepparttar 146805 smaller sites, to learn and get comfortable with this new form of finding a companion.

I first started with a dating site, which is now out of business, because it had a forum area. Inrepparttar 146806 evenings after work I would go and log intorepparttar 146807 forum to meet new people. I met both men and woman and many had similar experiences to me. I felt comfortable, because, I was anonymous, and could make myself known only when I wanted. I guess this isrepparttar 146808 shyness in me. I then moved onto another site I found on Google and sounded fun. It turned out to be a good decision.

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