Do You Fold Like A Taco?

Written by Kim Duke

Have you ever eaten a soft taco? The shell isn't hard - it is soft - and folds over really easily. They are delicious! In business, however, I see too many people fold like a taco when they are negotiating with a customer.

It's not pretty.

The customer may not even be asking for a discount/added value but atrepparttar slightest sign of hesitation a.k.a silence -repparttar 142904 salesperson dropsrepparttar 142905 price or keeps throwing in extras "to sweetenrepparttar 142906 deal."

This isn't called selling - it is called Folding Like A Taco.

Get Comfortable With Asking For The Investment

This Sales Diva does not believe in CLOSINGrepparttar 142907 deal with a customer. I see it as OPENINGrepparttar 142908 door instead. I also know that in a relationship (which is what you should have with your customer byrepparttar 142909 way) there is some give and take involved. But you can't berepparttar 142910 one doing allrepparttar 142911 giving!

So follow these 4 steps:

1. Come in with your best offer right out ofrepparttar 142912 gate. Years ago when I sold television advertising with Canada's largest networks - I had a client that always asked for every concession FIRST and then they tried to bouncerepparttar 142913 offer back and forth between competitors.

However I have always had one rule. Integrity.

I will never forgetrepparttar 142914 conversation with my customer. When he saidrepparttar 142915 other TV station had dropped their price, I askedrepparttar 142916 owner a question. " Roger - what would have happened if I hadn't brought this proposal to you? You would have paidrepparttar 142917 full price that they were asking. In essence - by dropping their price so quickly - they have shown you they were overcharging you inrepparttar 142918 first place. I brought yourepparttar 142919 best offer right out ofrepparttar 142920 gate. Our product is like yours - extremely high quality - and I know that you always stick to your word with your customers- just as I do. My offer stands."

The Rock and Ripple Effect: 3 Ways to Splash to Sales Success

Written by Kim Duke

Imagine you’ve just thrown a rock into a pond. SPLASH! Ripples begin extending aroundrepparttar point whererepparttar 142903 rock hitrepparttar 142904 water. An interesting observation is thatrepparttar 142905 ripples closest torepparttar 142906 rock are actuallyrepparttar 142907 smallest ones. Then each ripple creates another larger ripple…until finally it disappears.

Welcome torepparttar 142908 world of selling!

Contrary to popular belief – it’s not justrepparttar 142909 big things you do that create interest. Sure we get attention when we get a new customer or project – butrepparttar 142910 ripple effect doesn’t stop there. In order to attract customers we need to be doing 3 activities on a consistent basis.


Guess what? You have to know who your perfect customer is. If you don’t – your company will attract a hodge-podge of customers, a few drips or none at all. Clarity is critical in developing a consistent stream of sales.

Which target audience bests suits your product? Where are they located? What motivates them to choose your product? Why should they choose you instead of your competitor?


Skipping stones may gorepparttar 142911 distance but they have very little impact. I am much better at dropping rocks – plus I won’t break a fingernail! In order for you to create a ripple effect for your business – you have to be continually dropping rocks.

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