Do Souls of the Dead Return Back to this World?

Written by Dr zakir naik

A POPULAR THEME OF MANY HORROR AND THRILLER NOVELS, MOVIES AND TELEVISION PROGRAMS CENTERS AROUND THE FALSE BELIEF THAT WHEN SOMEONE IS KILLED UNJUSTLY, HIS SOUL RETURNS IN ORDER TO SEEK JUSTICE, OR IT KEEPS WANDERING UNTIL JUSTICE IS DONE TO IT. REPEATED EXPOSURE TO THIS FALSE CONCEPT FROM EVERY FORM OF MEDIA HAS LEAD MANY TO UNKNOWINGLY BELIEVE IN IT... Whilst some take this concept very seriously, and make use of un-Islamic measures, likerepparttar hanging of amulets and pagan rituals to protect themselves fromrepparttar 116312 revengeful soul, others simply consider these issues to be unimportant and do not bother to seek knowledge about it. Butrepparttar 116313 fact remains, that not only do many people fearrepparttar 116314 souls, but entire religions are focused around ancestor and soul worship. Large amount of wealth is spent on making offerings torepparttar 116315 souls and many rituals and festivals are held in this regard, for example, many people believe thatrepparttar 116316 deceased visit this world onrepparttar 116317 15th of Shabaan (8th month ofrepparttar 116318 Islamic Calendar) and they call it 'Eid ofrepparttar 116319 Dead.' Some even go torepparttar 116320 extreme of preparingrepparttar 116321 foods thatrepparttar 116322 deceased liked! It is therefore essential thatrepparttar 116323 Muslims be informed aboutrepparttar 116324 gravity of this call and be educated aboutrepparttar 116325 correct Islamic Aqeedah (belief). This article is specifically aimed to exposerepparttar 116326 falsity of these beliefs and bring torepparttar 116327 reader authentic proofs fromrepparttar 116328 Qur'aan andrepparttar 116329 Sunnah, which undoubtedly rejectrepparttar 116330 soul's return. We hope that this article will dispel doubts and confusion aroundrepparttar 116331 subject. And with Allah lies all success. Islamic Concept ofrepparttar 116332 Soul: Soul is fromrepparttar 116333 matters ofrepparttar 116334 unseen and nothing can be said in its explanation without established proofs fromrepparttar 116335 Book andrepparttar 116336 Sunnah. The knowledge required for our welfare in this world andrepparttar 116337 Hereafter has been conveyed to us byrepparttar 116338 Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam), and there is no need to seek any goodness beyond that. The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam) said: "There is nothing that will take you closer to Paradise but that I have enjoined it upon you, and there is nothing that will take you closer to Hell but that I have warned you from it." [Musnad ash-Shafi'e and others]

The Jews asked Allah's Messenger (sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam) aboutrepparttar 116339 soul and in replyrepparttar 116340 Qur'aan said: "They ask you concerningrepparttar 116341 soul. Say thatrepparttar 116342 soul is from Allah and you have not been given knowledge of it except a little." [Soorah al-Isra (17): 85]

The Soul is a creation of Allah, whose function is to bring life torepparttar 116343 human body. It remains withrepparttar 116344 human body throughoutrepparttar 116345 life and departs at death. After whichrepparttar 116346 souls are either held in Paradise or punishment. There is no returning back ofrepparttar 116347 souls ofrepparttar 116348 righteous people from Paradise, and no escaping ofrepparttar 116349 souls of evildoers fromrepparttar 116350 punishment ofrepparttar 116351 grave. Therefore, pious or evil,repparttar 116352 souls do not return to this world, neither to take revenge nor to assistrepparttar 116353 living. Neither is there any concept in Islam, which explains that justice is dependant uponrepparttar 116354 soul's coming back and setting things aright. Islam teaches that Allah is responsible to see that every being gets its due right and injustice does not go unpunished.

Journey ofrepparttar 116355 Soul after Death

Death Death occurs whenrepparttar 116356 soul separates fromrepparttar 116357 human body and entersrepparttar 116358 realm of 'Barzakh', which isrepparttar 116359 period between one's death andrepparttar 116360 Hereafter.

Appearing ofrepparttar 116361 Angels (a) The Believing Soul: Angels with faces shining bright likerepparttar 116362 sun descend fromrepparttar 116363 Heavens, carrying a shroud and fragrance of Paradise and sit away from him as far asrepparttar 116364 eye can see. The Angel of Death then approaches and says: "O good soul, come out to Allah's forgiveness and pleasure." The soul then comes out as gently as a drop from a water-skin, and he seizes it. Withinrepparttar 116365 blinking of an eye,repparttar 116366 other Angels takerepparttar 116367 soul and put it inrepparttar 116368 shroud and fragrance. There will then come fromrepparttar 116369 soul, a fragrance like that ofrepparttar 116370 sweetest musk found onrepparttar 116371 face of Earth.

(b) The Disbelieving Soul: Angels with black faces come down to him fromrepparttar 116372 Heaven with hair-cloth and sit away from him as far as an eye can see. The Angel of death comes to him and says: "O wicked soul, come out torepparttar 116373 displeasure from Allah. The soul becomes scattered inrepparttar 116374 body, andrepparttar 116375 Angel of Death draws it out as violently as a spit is drawn out from moistened wool. He then seizes it, and when he does so,repparttar 116376 other Angels do not leaverepparttar 116377 disbelieving soul in his hand for an instant, but put it in that hair-cloth and from it comes forth a smell likerepparttar 116378 most offensive corpse found onrepparttar 116379 Earth.

Ascending torepparttar 116380 Heaven (a) The Believing Soul: The Angels ascendrepparttar 116381 believing soul torepparttar 116382 Seventh Heaven and every group of Angels they pass asks: "Who is this good soul?" to which they reply: "So and so,repparttar 116383 son of so and so." using his best names by which people called him onrepparttar 116384 Earth. Thenrepparttar 116385 believing soul is presented before Allah. Allah,repparttar 116386 Great and Glorious, says: "Recordrepparttar 116387 Book of My servant inrepparttar 116388 Illiyyoon and take him back to Earth, for I created mankind from it, and I shall return them to it, from it I shall bring them forth again."

(b) The Disbelieving Soul: The Angels takerepparttar 116389 disbelieving soul up torepparttar 116390 Heaven and do not bring it pass a company of Angels without their saying: "Who is this wicked soul?" to which they reply: "So and so,repparttar 116391 son of so and so." Usingrepparttar 116392 worst names that he was called inrepparttar 116393 world. When he is brought torepparttar 116394 lowest Heaven, request is made forrepparttar 116395 gate to be opened for him, but it is not opened for him. Allah, who is most Great and Glorious, then says: "Record his Book in Sijjin (the lowest place) and his soul is thrown down to Earth."

Questioning inrepparttar 116396 Grave (a) The Believing Soul: The Soul is temporary restored inrepparttar 116397 body. Two Angels come to it and ask: "Who is your Lord?" He replies: "My Lord is Allah." They ask: "What is your religion?" He replies: "My religion is Islam." They ask: "Who is this man who was sent among you?" and He will reply: " He isrepparttar 116398 Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam)." They ask: "What wasrepparttar 116399 source of your knowledge?" He replies: "I have read Allah's Book, believed in it and declared it to be true." Then one cry is heard fromrepparttar 116400 Heaven: "My servant has spokenrepparttar 116401 truth..."

Healthy Garden Soil - Composting; how, when, & why

Written by Sara Chute

Inrepparttar soft, warm bosom of a decaying compost heap, a transformation from life to death and back again is taking place. Life is leavingrepparttar 116311 living plants of yesterday, but in their death these leaves and stalks pass on their vitality torepparttar 116312 coming generations of future seasons. Here inrepparttar 116313 dank, moldy pilerepparttar 116314 wheel of life is turning.

Compost is more than a fertilizer or a healing agent forrepparttar 116315 soil's wounds. It is a symbol of continuing life. Nature herself made compost before man first walkedrepparttar 116316 earth and beforerepparttar 116317 first dinosaur lifted its head aboverepparttar 116318 primeval swamp. Leaves falling torepparttar 116319 forest floor and slowing moldering are composting. The dead grass ofrepparttar 116320 meadow seared by winter's frost is being composted byrepparttar 116321 dampness ofrepparttar 116322 earth beneath. Birds, insects and animals contribute their bodies to this vast and continuing soil rebuilding program of nature.

The compost heap in your garden is an intensified version of this process of death and rebuilding which is going on almost everywhere in nature. Inrepparttar 116323 course of running a garden, there is always an accumulation of organic waste of different sorts - leaves, grass clippings, weeds, twigs - and since time immemorial gardeners have been accumulating this material in piles, eventually to spread it back onrepparttar 116324 soil as rich, dark humus.

The Purpose of Composting:

Gardening and farming disruptrepparttar 116325 natural pattern ofrepparttar 116326 return of plant matter torepparttar 116327 earth. Compost isrepparttar 116328 link between modern agriculture and nature's own method of building soil fertility.

In addition to returning rotting vegetable material torepparttar 116329 soil, there are two major reasons for making compost:

- to render certain materials such as manure and garbage pleasant to handle

- to increaserepparttar 116330 nitrogen content of low-nitrogen materials such as sawdust, straw and corncobs

The high heat of composting rapidly "cooks"repparttar 116331 smell out of manure and garden waste. This is a significant gain because gardeners are often reluctant to use those materials "fresh".

The composting process also increasesrepparttar 116332 nitrogen content ofrepparttar 116333 pile. Microorganisms "burn off" much ofrepparttar 116334 carbon, reducingrepparttar 116335 cubic bulk ofrepparttar 116336 heap but correspondingly increasing its nitrogen portion.

Organic matter is valuable torepparttar 116337 soil only while it is decaying. Even finished compost is actually only partly decayed. It continues to break down inrepparttar 116338 soil, providing food for increasing populations of microorganisms upon which your plant health depends. Pound per pound (kg per kg) compost isrepparttar 116339 finest soil conditioner to be had.

How To Make Compost

Making compost is not difficult and can be easily done at home. Essentially,repparttar 116340 basic methods call for layering natural ingredients in heaps in mixed proportions, providing necessary air and moisture and turningrepparttar 116341 heaps to provide bacterial action on all parts ofrepparttar 116342 heap.

Just about any organic matter can be used. Weeds, fruit and vegetable peelings, grass, garden clippings, dead flowers, sawdust, woodchips, coffee wastes, nutshells, shredded leaves, and more can all be used provided they are chemical, pesticide and herbicide free. Also, do not use feces, or dead animals. In short, think to yourself, "Do I really want to eat this?"

Compost can be made either in open piles or in bins. Piles are more easily turned, but bins have a better appearance inrepparttar 116343 garden. Bins also haverepparttar 116344 advantage of better moisture and temperature control. Personally, I have found beginning with a pit inrepparttar 116345 garden seems to work best, as it attracts earthworms to help withrepparttar 116346 breakdown ofrepparttar 116347 materials, plus you can turn it easily.

1. Whichever method you choose, select a sunny spot and begin by putting down a 6 inch layer of plant wastes such as spoiled hay, straw, sawdust, plant leaves (shredding them first helps) garden clippings, or wood chips

2. Add a 2 inch layer of manure and bedding

3. Follow with a layer of topsoil, approximately 1/8 inch thick. Unrine-impregnated topsoil is particularly valuable but find out whatrepparttar 116348 animals have been eating as hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals etc, will end up in your soil and then in your food.

4. On top of this layer of soil spread a sprinkling of lime, phosphate, bone meal, rock, granite dust, or wood ashes to increaserepparttar 116349 mineral content ofrepparttar 116350 heap. Lime is not added if an acid compost is wanted.

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