Do Search Engines Scare You?

Written by Elaine Currie, BA (Hons)

Do Search Engines Scare You?

What dorepparttar words "Search Engine" make you think of? I get immediate mind-pictures which vary but all have similar themes. Sometimes I see one of those tiny submarines which are used to explorerepparttar 142007 deepest parts ofrepparttar 142008 ocean bed. I have this picture in my mind ofrepparttar 142009 tiny submarine underwater in complete darkness apart fromrepparttar 142010 beam of its searchlight which is probingrepparttar 142011 gloom. Other times I see a horse-drawn carriage driving through dense fog with only its weak lamp relievingrepparttar 142012 darkness. This scene is from a movie whererepparttar 142013 police are racing through London in search of Jack The Ripper. The final picture is of a line of policemen in old-fashioned uniforms advancing across a moor in darkness through rising mist with only their flashlight-beams to light their way.

It can get a bit scary inside my mind at times. If these were dreams rather than passing thoughts, they would probably be analysed as meaning an obsession with darkness and getting lost. Mayberepparttar 142014 lights penetratingrepparttar 142015 darkness symbolise a fear of ignorance (or maybe a fear of getting found out). The obvious link is that these pictures all relate to a search of one kind or another. The first one might represent a search for knowledge,repparttar 142016 second one is obviouslyrepparttar 142017 search for a criminal andrepparttar 142018 final one a search for clues atrepparttar 142019 scene of a crime.

Why wouldrepparttar 142020 words "search engine" conjure up these dark visions? If you look atrepparttar 142021 words we associate with search engines, I thinkrepparttar 142022 connection will be clear. We talk about "submitting" our websites to search engines. We don’t "send" our websites or "apply" to search engines or "register" our websites with search engines. We are submissive andrepparttar 142023 search engines dominate us.

We adopt this submissive posture andrepparttar 142024 search engines send their robots to "crawl" over our websites. Doesn‘t sound very pleasant does it? The future of your website is entirely inrepparttar 142025 power of these monsters. You have spent time and perhaps some cash getting your website ready forrepparttar 142026 visit. Your website,repparttar 142027 shop window to your home business, has been tweaked and "search engine optimised", now you can do nothing except hope that your efforts will be rewarded with approval by these invisible inspectors.

Escaping The Matrix

Written by The-WezeeMall-Know-It-All

One of my mottos has always been "work smarter,not harder". I guess that's why I never could hold a traditional/regular job down because that WAS definitely harder. I gave away my precious time and energy to earning huge dollars someone else collected in exchange for a few pennies on those dollars...what an idiot! How's that going to ever be able to take care of my three little ones?

Sure others have somehow got by,but at what cost? No time for your little ones because your time gets ate up by working for someone else...cycles of debt because you never make enough so you get caught up in loans,credit cards,and such...worn-down physical body...possible mental break-downs becuaserepparttar stress of allrepparttar 141881 above is just unbearable.

We must takerepparttar 141882 initiative and Do For Self! Change our own realities to avoidrepparttar 141883 never-ending cycle of being enslaved to dead-end jobs and debt! We MUST escape this MATRIX!

The current Matrix is inrepparttar 141884 Information Age. So he who controls/weilds information is king. The advent ofrepparttar 141885 Internet makesrepparttar 141886 netrepparttar 141887 ultimate castle of information;ie,the ultimate library. Therefore,it only makes sense to userepparttar 141888 internet asrepparttar 141889 means to rule--find success in one's life. Weild it properly and you'll find yourself being freed fromrepparttar 141890 Matrix.

In order to be free in this world you need to make money. The way to make money is through selling something. This plusrepparttar 141891 Internet equalsrepparttar 141892 formula for freedom. Takerepparttar 141893 information onrepparttar 141894 internet(known as info-products,eproducts,etc.)and market them...become an Internet Marketer!

One ofrepparttar 141895 immediate decisions a new internet marketer must decide is exactly what to sell? There are literally thousands of choices to choose from. Just goto and you'll see what I mean. Butrepparttar 141896 key is figuring out which one(s) will generaterepparttar 141897 most profit for you,right? I mean that's why you're doing internet marketing because you want profits which will enable you to free yourself fromrepparttar 141898 Matrix!

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