Do Online Business Ethics Exist?

Written by Niall Roche

Inrepparttar world of online busines something has gone wrong. Something has gone badly wrong. Inrepparttar 147109 pursuit of wealth and success business ethics have not so much fallen byrepparttar 147110 wayside as been torn up, stomped on and burned to ash. Where some loose form of rule may have applied before there now only exists chaos, greed and hype.

Where are these businesses that lack ethics?

Look around you. Every automatically generated content or directory site that pops up is search engine spam. You can call them doorway sites or any other cute name you want butrepparttar 147111 end result isrepparttar 147112 same - spam. These sites are run byrepparttar 147113 quick buck guys and gals. Sure they make quick money. They also clog uprepparttar 147114 search engines and make it far more difficult for legitimate marketers to make an honest buck. These people have zero respect forrepparttar 147115 industry they're in and calling what they do "business" is at very best a joke.

What about scraper sites that steal content from other websites? Is using somebody elses content on your website without even linking back torepparttar 147116 original site ok? Isrepparttar 147117 online theft of other peoples content now legal? Inrepparttar 147118 offline world there's a name for this practice - it's called plagiarism. Plagiarism can get you kicked out of school, thrown out of college, cost you your job or land you in court - inrepparttar 147119 real world. Inrepparttar 147120 online world you get a pat onrepparttar 147121 back from your fellow cronies for coming up with yet another way to steal other peoples content for your use.

What aboutrepparttar 147122 guys selling yet another overpriced, overhyped infoproduct that is the, alleged, solution to all your traffic, content or financial woes? Selling a product for a fair price is good. Sellingrepparttar 147123 same product for a vastly inflated price is well.... criminal. Inrepparttar 147124 offline world companies are forced to offerrepparttar 147125 best possible bargain to consumers to stay inrepparttar 147126 game. Onlinerepparttar 147127 prices are created at a whim because online marketers know a sucker is born every minute and their product WILL sell - regardless of how good or bad it is.

Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Web Site

Written by Debbie LaChusa

If you've got a web site then one of your biggest marketing challenges is how to generate traffic without spending a fortune. Whether you're trying to build your ezine or prospect list or get potential customers to contact you or buy your products or services, getting people to your web site is a must and can be a challenge.

Especially if you don't have a big budget to spend on online marketing, and if you're having a tough time getting your site to show up inrepparttar search engine rankings. All of this was (and continues to be!) one of my biggest marketing challenges.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not one to back off from a challenge. In fact, give me one and I'll do whatever it takes to overcome it. I'm going to share with you one marketing technique I've used to immediately get my web site torepparttar 147085 top ofrepparttar 147086 search engine rankings and to triple my web site traffic in just a couple of months.

Getting qualified traffic to your web site

If you've got a web site then one of your marketing tasks is generating qualified traffic to that web site. What exactly is qualified traffic? Qualified traffic consists of people who are looking for what you are offering. They're inrepparttar 147087 market for what you're selling and they are actively searching for it.

Does your site show up on page 10 ofrepparttar 147088 search results, or perhaps doesn't even show up at all?

If you're like many small business owners, you don't haverepparttar 147089 technical knowledge, expertise or time to do what it takes to get your site to naturally achieve a top-ranking in Google andrepparttar 147090 other major search engines.

You can move your site to Number 1 in less than a day

Take my web site,, for example. There are tons of web sites on marketing. Achieving a number one Google ranking, or even a top 10 ranking could take a very long time to achieve even if I do everything right. But I want web site traffic NOW!

I want people who are searching for information on "marketing plans" and "how to market" to find out about me now, not months from now or a year from now (well I want them then, too, I just don't want to wait until then!)

I did it and it works!

Did you know you can buy your way torepparttar 147091 top? That's exactly what I did, and you can do it, too. A text advertising service available through Google, called Google Adwords, enables anyone to have a text ad and a link to their web site show up asrepparttar 147092 top-ranked site for their selected keywords (keywords arerepparttar 147093 words and phrases people type into search engines when they're looking for information onrepparttar 147094 web).

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