Do Not Join for Money

Written by John Olson

We are all looking for something, we keep joining this thing and that thing inrepparttar hopes that one of them will berepparttar 122547 one that sets us free at last. That for once, allrepparttar 122548 Hype and Promises onrepparttar 122549 Website will be true.

We are greedy, we believerepparttar 122550 Hype because we want to believe it.

Unfortunately most ofrepparttar 122551 timerepparttar 122552 Hype on an Opportunity Website is just that, Hype, carefully worded to get Us to Spend Our Money and Join, withrepparttar 122553 Hopes of Finally Making allrepparttar 122554 Money so many sites we see promise.

When we fail and drop out, we placerepparttar 122555 blame onrepparttar 122556 Program. We call it a scam, orrepparttar 122557 owners cheats and liars. We tell ourselves that it was anyone's fault but our own. When in fact, most ofrepparttar 122558 time it was our fault.

We joined forrepparttar 122559 wrong reasons. We joined forrepparttar 122560 Money.

Here is one peace of advice that I want to give you.

Never join something just forrepparttar 122561 Money.

That's right, don't join forrepparttar 122562 Money. Join forrepparttar 122563 Product or Service. If you can't see a value in whatrepparttar 122564 program is offering, how can you stand behind it?

You must wantrepparttar 122565 Product or Service, you Must Use it.

Now, some people I have read, talk aboutrepparttar 122566 Product not being important. That it doesn't matter whatrepparttar 122567 Product or Service is, that we can learn to sell anything with enough training.

Sad truth, most of us couldn't sell Ice in a Desert.

We need to be excited aboutrepparttar 122568 Product or Service to sell it. We need to use it and love it. The more excited we can get about a Product,repparttar 122569 better we will write about it,repparttar 122570 better we will talk about it. The more we will be able to sell it.

The Super Salesmen don't need to read this, they are doing all right. Butrepparttar 122571 rest of us Must. Look for Programs with Products or Services you want, you need, you will use.

Along these lines, watch out for programs that only stressrepparttar 122572 Money end and notrepparttar 122573 Product or Service. They are one step away from failing.


Because asrepparttar 122574 Program grows and more and more people Join, it will be harder and harder for new members to find sign ups. If they are only in forrepparttar 122575 Cash andrepparttar 122576 Cash is not coming or not coming fast enough, they will drop out. Thenrepparttar 122577 ones above them will start losing Money and they will drop out and so on uprepparttar 122578 line untilrepparttar 122579 Program dies.

Pets At Work...At Home?!?

Written by Dan Reinhold

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Pets At Work...At Home?!?

Have you seen newspaper articles and TV news show spots about people bringing their pets to work? Is this a veiled attempt to makerepparttar 122546 workplace more like home?

Supposedly, some people claim that it creates greater productivity and a better sense of well-being. Of course, not all pets and/or occupations are exactly suited to it...

"Now Trixie, you be a good poodle and stop jumping onrepparttar 122547 scaffolding. We're 20 stories up...Trixie??"

"Hey Buster, you lucky kittycat! You're going with Mommy to work atrepparttar 122548 dog pound!!"

Working at home naturally means your pet's there with you, however. Not alwaysrepparttar 122549 best thing for productivity and well-being, somehow. When my dog Hunter is with me, he'll play nonstop with his tennis ball - usually, when he's not bellowing at it for havingrepparttar 122550 nerve to roll under a bureau under which he no longer fits. I once saw a Great Dane dive under a couch for his squeaky toy. Unfortunately, I was a passenger on that couch for a short flight...

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