Do Low Carbohydrate Diets Lead to Weight Loss Success?

Written by Marsha J. Hudnall, MS, RD, CD

So your neighbor, office mate, best friend, whoever just lost 10 pounds in only two weeks followingrepparttar latest in high protein low carbohydrate diets. And now you’re thinking you should give it a go -- have even startedrepparttar 131459 search for high protein low carbohydrate recipes?

True, high protein low carb diets seem to be leading many people to weight loss success. Trouble is, they seemed to do it 30 years ago, too. They wererepparttar 131460 rage inrepparttar 131461 early 70s, and look where many of us are today: growing fatter with each decade.

The bottom line: Diets -- low carb diets or not -- simply don’t work forrepparttar 131462 vast majority of people. If that doesn't convince you, look at some ofrepparttar 131463 reasons why high protein low carbohydrate diets seem to create weight loss success stories -- but really don't.

“I’m not hungry when I eat high protein low carb diets.”

Many people say they feel more satisfied eating low carbohydrate diets. And indeed, studies show protein isrepparttar 131464 most satiating nutrient. Proteins and fat (which is usually in high protein low carbohydrate foods) cause your body to release cholecystokinin, a hormone that contributes torepparttar 131465 feeling of fullness. Some protein in meals and even snacks may help us feel more satisfied and go longer between eating. Butrepparttar 131466 key word is “some.” We don’t need an excess of protein, or low carb diets, to get these effects. By just eating balanced meals that contain grain/starchy foods, protein foods, vegetables and/or fruits and some fat, most people can achieverepparttar 131467 same satiety. One other important note is that hunger control with low carbohydrate diets is oftenrepparttar 131468 result of ketosis (when your body burns fat for fuel.) Ketosis is very unhealthy, causing nausea, headaches, fatigue, even coma.

Holiday Eating: Party Hearty Without Putting on the Pounds!

Written by Marsha J. Hudnall, MS, RD, CD

The holidays are definitely a special time of year. These days, however, many women wonder whether "special" means happy -- or stressful. Do you know anyone who doesn't feel more stress duringrepparttar holiday season? One thing is for sure: Stress is a six-letter word that can spell added trouble for many women who struggle with food, eating and weight.

A national survey of women conducted earlier this year revealed that women see stress and lack of energy as two of their top health issues. But here's where it gets interesting: Women were twice as likely as men to snack as a way of dealing with stress!

So how do you enjoyrepparttar 131458 famous holiday party time that seems to start with coffee breaks at work or weekend brunches and last through dessert parties late inrepparttar 131459 evening without overdoing on all those wonderful foods? Here's a list of ideas to consider that can help reduce holiday stress, boost energy and maximize your ability to make smart choices to support you in your efforts to feel well and stay healthy.

Keep It Simple

The absolute first "must" for enjoying your holidays is to keep it simple. Be realistic in what you want to accomplish…and what you expect others to accomplish, too. Discuss holiday plans with family and friends. Consider paring down your "to do" list, and get a commitment from others to share inrepparttar 131460 extra holiday tasks that create extra fun for everyone.

Feed Yourself Well

A party later inrepparttar 131461 evening doesn't mean skimping on food duringrepparttar 131462 day. All that will do is set you up for overeating because you get too hungry. Instead, eat regular, balanced meals and snacks that include grains/starchy vegetables, protein foods and fruits and/or vegetables every 3-5 hours when you are hungry, and stopping when you are satisfied.

Likewise, if you overdo it at one meal or party (and who doesn't on occasion?), don't try to "make up" for it at your next meals. Go back to your regular eating plan as described above.

Dancerepparttar 131463 Night Away!

Physical activity may providerepparttar 131464 biggest boost to your ability to cope duringrepparttar 131465 holidays. Not only is it a natural outlet for tension (and consequently another way to cope), physical activity boosts our energy level and our motivation to keep going.

Be creative! Break out of your mold by addingrepparttar 131466 opportunities ofrepparttar 131467 holiday season, such as dancing, skating, sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, caroling (all that walking)…even trimmingrepparttar 131468 tree (there's a lot of stretching there). Make fun physical activityrepparttar 131469 primary focus of your parties, instead of depending onrepparttar 131470 food to make or break it.

Realistically, many people find that physical activity early inrepparttar 131471 day isrepparttar 131472 best way to make it happen. A walk after breakfast is one ofrepparttar 131473 best strategies for boosting energy and helping you feel wellrepparttar 131474 rest ofrepparttar 131475 day. Don't forget those walks aroundrepparttar 131476 shopping mall orrepparttar 131477 long brisk walk in fromrepparttar 131478 parking lot count for something, too! (See FitBriefing Moving for Life).

Put on Parties that Work for You

This is where stress can send you straight forrepparttar 131479 Christmas cookies or Hanukkah chocolate. First, plan parties where you get help. How about just being responsible forrepparttar 131480 "centerpiece" dish, such as a main dish, beautiful salad or dessert, and letrepparttar 131481 supermarket, bakery, and/or deli dorepparttar 131482 rest. Or if you don't already have a pot luck tradition for family gatherings, now isrepparttar 131483 time to start!

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