Do It Yourself Divorce

Written by Sara Jenkins

At this fast age, when people are busy with their own work, meeting a lawyer for a Divorce becomes a big problem. Even if you are about to file a divorce case and you lack time to spare forrepparttar lawyer, there are other options available for you. Pro Se Divorce can save your time and money, if you are working with your spouse. If you meetrepparttar 145557 given criteria, you haverepparttar 145558 option of filing your own divorce papers. This is a Do It Yourself Divorce.

To be eligible for Do It Yourself Divorce, there should be no minor child involved withrepparttar 145559 couple. If there is a common property or debt,repparttar 145560 couple should agree to divide and share it, before they file a Do It Yourself Divorce. There must be no retirement or pension plans and investment or stock exchange hold byrepparttar 145561 couple. These might not qualify them for a Do It Yourself Divorce.

Underrepparttar 145562 provision of Do It Yourself Divorce, a couple involved in military cannot take a separation. Moreover, a couple involved must have proper means to support them to undergo this form of divorce. If there is no impending bankruptcy inrepparttar 145563 near future, and no history of abuse or intimidation, you are definitely eligible for Do It Yourself Divorce.

Sharing Journals

Written by Doreene Clement

Sharing Journals By Doreene Clement

Creating a journal, diary, or diaries that combines scrapbooking and journaling, is a journal that you can share. Writing about experiences and feelings, and including photos, ticket stubs, magazine or newspaper clippings, fortune cookie fortunes, drawings, and more, enhances and further explains those experiences and feelings, becoming a treasured keepsake for you and for your family and friends to share for years to come.

You can create a Sharing Journal for just yourself, for your family, friends, for work, and groups. You can even passrepparttar journal around to friends and family, and have them contribute pages, with their own ideas, feelings, pictures, experiences, and more.

Materials needed: Blank book, photo album, or a scrapbook Colored pens, pencils, crayons, erasers, etc. Glue Scissors Photo corners Photos, ticket stubs, drawings, magazines, etc.

Decide if your book has a theme or not. Is it a family shared journal, a book about your friends, a book about your birthday or anniversary, an everyday "what is happening in my world today" book, or is it a book about "my dreams"?

To start your Sharing Journal, diary or diaries -- Using a blank book or a scrapbook, you can glue and write throughoutrepparttar 145556 whole book. Glue your item, say a movie ticket stub, (photo, fortune cookie fortune, articles or scenes from magazines, etc.) anywhere onrepparttar 145557 page in your book. Then write about what you felt and experienced, who you were with, what dreams and ideas were stimulated. Write aboverepparttar 145558 ticket, torepparttar 145559 side, atrepparttar 145560 bottom, all around. Be creative with bothrepparttar 145561 placement of your ticket andrepparttar 145562 writing. Use pens, pencils, crayons, of different colors on one page to giverepparttar 145563 "feel" of your experience. Write in upper and lower case, write large and small, slant your words onrepparttar 145564 page. Glue letters or phrases from magazines onrepparttar 145565 page. Whatever you do, whatever it looks like, is absolutely perfect. Have fun with your book. Be proud of what you are creating. There is no right or wrong way to create your journal, it is your book, do what feels right for you. Then, share your journal.

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