Do All ROIbot Ads Look Alike To You? ....

Written by John Evans

"Do All ROIbot Ads Look Alike To You? .... They Aren't, And Here's Why!" copyright 2001-02 John Evans

ROIbot Ads Are NOT Created Equal!

Why not? Because they're all Different.

When reading ezine ads, how many times have you passed up an ad just because it had a '' web address?

Did you think "it's just another ofrepparttar same?" Or maybe think it was always fromrepparttar 101013 same merchant?

Believe me, they're notrepparttar 101014 same. Here's why: The ROIbot system lets you 'code' your ads, so when your ROIbot URL is clicked on, you know which ezine ad your visitors clicked on. It's just a great way to know which ezines are 'pulling' for you, and which ads arerepparttar 101015 most effective. "No Guess Work."

And it's such a simple process. Here's how it works: After you sign up, you'll have a username and password. The username will be one they give you. You can then log in to their site, and build your own "ad campaign."

Here's an example: Suppose you have a web page selling 'Super-Duper Plan A', and your own web page for it is ''. This isrepparttar 101016 URL you want visitors to come to.

So, you go into your ROIbot Campaign Management page to set it up. Inrepparttar 101017 first window, you type in an abbreviation forrepparttar 101018 ezine and/or ad you want to use. We'll use "All-In One Ezine" as an example, and abbreviate it 'allin'.

Inrepparttar 101019 next window, type inrepparttar 101020 URL you want people to go to. In our example,  it would be ''.

Dirt Cheap Free Advertising...

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

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