Do-It-Yourself Indexing

Written by Peggy Hazelwood

Indexing a book is a science in itself. I have a friend who is a professional indexer, but if you have written a book and need an index created, you can do it yourself. And adding an index gives your book or ebook a professional edge, a bonus thatrepparttar reader will appreciate.

I indexed my nonfiction ebook, From Old to Gold: How to Start and Run an Antiques Business. Here's how I created a "quick and dirty" index for my book:

1. I started by looking atrepparttar 108457 indexes of other similar how to books. I checked out which words they list in their index to get an idea of which words are relevant for my book.

2. I then went through my book, making a list of words that would be relevant to readers in their search for specific topics. The list included words like antique malls; appraiser; art; collectors; dates, of antiques; styles, of antiques; trends. Decide how detailed you want your index to be.

An eBook Publisher's Dilemma: Should I Use PDF or Exe Format?

Written by Michael Southon

An eBook Publisher's Dilemma: Should I Use PDF or Exe Format? by Michael Southon

If you write and publish eBooks, sooner or later you will probably be faced with a dilemma - should you create your eBooks as .exe files or .pdf files?

PDF, which stands for Portable Document Format, isrepparttar file extension for files created with Adobe Acrobat.

Exe, which stands for 'executable', isrepparttar 108456 extension for files created by eBook compilers.

PDF is widely considered to berepparttar 108457 'industry standard' for eBook publishing, and for good reason. Here are some ofrepparttar 108458 advantages of PDF files over exe files:

(1) With most eBook compilers you have to set up each page of your eBook as a separate web page. With Adobe Acrobat you can use a single MS Word file asrepparttar 108459 source document.

(2) PDF files automatically number each page - exe files don't.

(3) PDF files are very easy to edit - you can insert pages, replace pages and delete pages (andrepparttar 108460 page numbering is automatically adjusted).

(4) Printing from a PDF file is much easier than printing from an .exe file.

(5) The 'bookmark' column onrepparttar 108461 left side of a PDF file makes naviagtion very easy - much easier than in an exe file.

(6) PDF files compress better than exe files, so you end up with a smaller, more manageable file.

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