Do's and Don'ts in Web Design - part 2 (content)

Written by Cyber Logic Host™

Do know your audience It's important to know your audience. If you write for a site that sells toys you'll use other words, colors, images etc. compared to a site for online banking. Write and design with your visitors in mind. Don't get tempted to write for yourself.

Don't use meaningless words Do you have a cool site with hot subjects? Or a hot site with cool subjects? On some hype-sensitive sites these kind of words might be useful but on most sites you'd better refrain from meaningless words.

Do write aboutrepparttar subject Write aboutrepparttar 147367 subject. Saying: This page is about breeding goldfish talks aboutrepparttar 147368 page. Instead, start right away withrepparttar 147369 subject. Breeding goldfish is a popular hobby....

Don't use jargon Avoid jargon. That goes for Internet jargon but also for jargon for any other subject. Only if your site is focused on a selective group of specialists jargon might make sense.

Do use short sentences Use short sentences. The World Wide Web is fast. Your visitors want to get your info in a snap. So read and reread your text. Then cut out as many unnecessary words as possible.

Don't write technical Don't write technical. Your visitors don't care how you created your site and that you prefer Perl over TCL/TK (orrepparttar 147370 other way around). Instead write about your subject.

Do use correct spelling OK, this one will turn against me.... Use correct English or whatever language your site is written in. As a standard routine use a spelling checker but don't rely completely on it. Human proof reading is necessary. This can be difficult - especially if you're not native speaking English.

Don't show any page under construction Don't publish a page that's under construction. People will hate you if you do. Ifrepparttar 147371 page isn't finished, it's not ready to be published. In a sense most pages are always under construction because they are updated (more or less) frequently.

Do userepparttar 147372 first screen Be sure to put important text onrepparttar 147373 first part of your page,repparttar 147374 part that will show up first on a screen.

Brochure printing can be affordable

Written by Karen Nodalo

A company needs to meetrepparttar requirements of advertising such as bringing out their company name on top withrepparttar 147366 means of advertising. Advertising can be done in many ways. It can be through television ads andrepparttar 147367 newspaper or other proposals.

Some campaigning strategies may be very costly. The budget for campaigning should not overlook your company’s earnings and income. Everything should be well balanced so you get back your capitals.

Aside fromrepparttar 147368 television ads, printing has been a common and useful option for campaigning. Different options such as posters, flyers, business cards are amongrepparttar 147369 options. Brochure printing is widely used by most companies.

But some do not require such way because ofrepparttar 147370 thought that is costs too much and might not be able to maintain printing for long. It is true that you might risk of spending for it but if you are wise enough, you can never go wrong.

If you are planning to have your brochures done for your products, you should gather some information and ask for details from a friend or specialist. You can learn from other companies who had been involved inrepparttar 147371 printing campaign. If they all point to one printing company, then definitely it may be good. Try to ask those who have been long inrepparttar 147372 business.

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