Divorce Is Not A Good Idea Right Now

Written by Dr. Dorree Lynn

Since September 11th although tempers have flared, depression has increased and sleeplessness has become an unwelcome visitor to many, committed relationships have not faltered and divorce filings have declined. Why is this? Even though people are stressed and often wind up fighting with their husband, wife or significant other, something positive has also occurred. People realize that they need each other and that life really is too hard to do alone. They needrepparttar security of their valued friends and loved ones. A warm body in bed can feel good when you wake up terrified inrepparttar 126304 middle ofrepparttar 126305 night. Someone to talk to and to touch has taken on new meaning. And,repparttar 126306 single scene suddenly doesn’t seem all that it was once cracked up to be.

Relationships, kindness and gentleness salve serious wounds. Couples instinctively seem to understand this. When faced with new threats, differences that once seemed major can seem insignificant. In that way, this time of upheaval can be used positively to strengthenrepparttar 126307 ties that bind.

One Person's Cross May Be Another Person's Salvation - Part 2

Written by Dr. Dorree Lynn

Your genetic makeup, personal history, and particular preferences and abilities help dictate not only how you viewrepparttar world, but also what experiences may cause you concern. Some people take so much time thinking about an event that they may never act, while others confuse activity with productivity. We have all watched bathers enter a swimming pool. One person will stand onrepparttar 126303 edge for so long, deciding whether or not to jump or dive thatrepparttar 126304 sun disappears and it becomes too cold to takerepparttar 126305 plunge. Another stands onrepparttar 126306 edge, splashes water on him self and slowly sinks intorepparttar 126307 shallow end. Yet another personality type strides torepparttar 126308 pool's edge and, without noticingrepparttar 126309 water's depth or even whether someone is inrepparttar 126310 way, jumps right in. She might energetically do laps or suddenly remember that she cannot swim. What is a normal life event for one person can send another "overrepparttar 126311 edge."

Sometimes an ordinary event feels like a crisis and you "fall apart atrepparttar 126312 seams."

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