Divine Right of Capital

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

We have seenrepparttar institutionalized support of Divine Kings inrepparttar 105754 last two centuries. In far earlier times these Nobles had to answer torepparttar 105755 people to a far greater extent. Marjorie Kelly isrepparttar 105756 author of The Divine Right of Capital and she is on this track or train of thought. Noam Chomsky says global corporatism andrepparttar 105757 frauds they create orrepparttar 105758 assassins in government that do their bidding while being given new technologies paid for by taxpayers isrepparttar 105759 greatest threat to life on earth. This book will endeavour to pinrepparttar 105760 tail onrepparttar 105761 real donkey. Don’t be surprised if that ‘ass’ is inrepparttar 105762 mirror. It takes about eight per cent ofrepparttar 105763 voting stock to control a company and getrepparttar 105764 bulk ofrepparttar 105765 cash or assets working for you. Why do we allow Enron, Dole and Anaconda to dictaterepparttar 105766 foreign policy while letting other cronies milkrepparttar 105767 market for all they can? Most people have not even heard aboutrepparttar 105768 Physiocrats who some scholars say wasrepparttar 105769 first economic school.

The Freemasonic Order of the Golden Circle

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Religion as a tool of commerce andrepparttar elite is well established inrepparttar 105753 oppressive doctrine called Manifest Destiny as well asrepparttar 105754 more recent Rerum Novarum. It makes me chuckle to seerepparttar 105755 complaint of Roger Williams who founded Rhode Island to get ‘away from’repparttar 105756 kind of thingrepparttar 105757 Indians suffered under - far, far and indeedrepparttar 105758 farthest imaginable ‘away from’ from is what we all should strive to allow. It raises mercantile progress above all else andrepparttar 105759 Yanomami in Brazil are being genocidally dealt with under this doctrine to this very day. Here is a little from a book titled Manifest Destiny andrepparttar 105760 words of Roger Williams to see if you can find humor inrepparttar 105761 situation.

“…repparttar 105762 primary test for full citizenship became membership inrepparttar 105763 Puritan church. Within these limits—and they were narrow, forrepparttar 105764 Puritans did not tolerate differences of religious opinion—Massachusetts practiced self-government free from outside control… More important, such access gave energetic Puritan merchants an opportunity to join inrepparttar 105765 profitable trade which grew up between America,repparttar 105766 West Indies and Great Britain. {Which included slavery and other immoral rip-offs of natives who had helped them.}

Not everyone foundrepparttar 105767 tight Puritan rule of Massachusetts to his liking. Roger Williams was one of those who resistedrepparttar 105768 strict standards of religious orthodoxy for citizenship… After a bitter dispute withrepparttar 105769 ruling oligarchy {Eastern Establishment of today.} in Massachusetts, Williams was forced to flee and he organized a new colony at Providence, Rhode Island. In 1644 Williams obtained a charter forrepparttar 105770 colony of Rhode Island, The new colony’s liberality was well described inrepparttar 105771 vigorous seventeenth-century prose of Williams himself: ‘We have long drunkrepparttar 105772 cup of as great liberties as any people we can hear of underrepparttar 105773 whole of heaven. We have not only been long free… fromrepparttar 105774 iron yoke of wolfish bishops, and Popish ceremonies… We have not feltrepparttar 105775 new chains of Presbyterian tyrants, nor in this colony have we been consumed withrepparttar 105776 over-zealous fire of (so-called) godly Christian Magistrates.’” (3)

I will stifle my disgust atrepparttar 105777 way power-mongers indulge ego and immoral duplicity in their constant need to dominate.

“In order to properly grasprepparttar 105778 spirit in which this book is written, it is necessary to remember that though it is not altogether an Indian story, it has an Indian background. The considering attitude towards all nature which appears throughoutrepparttar 105779 work, is best explained by a quotation from John G. Guilford’s Story ofrepparttar 105780 Seminole War.

“‘The meaning of sovereignty is not very clear to primitive peoples, especially torepparttar 105781 Indian. He rarely dominatedrepparttar 105782 things around him; he was a part of nature and not its boss.’ Hewitt says ofrepparttar 105783 Indian:’

‘In his own country… he is a harmonious element in a landscape that is incomparable in its nobility of colour and mass and feeling ofrepparttar 105784 Unchangeable. He never dominates it as doesrepparttar 105785 European his environment, but belongs there as dorepparttar 105786 mesas, skies, sunshine, spaces andrepparttar 105787 other living creatures. He takes his part in it withrepparttar 105788 clouds, winds, rocks, plants, birds and beasts, with drum beat and chant and symbolic gesture, keeping time withrepparttar 105789 seasons, moving in orderly procession with nature, holding torepparttar 105790 unity of life in all things, seeking no superior place for himself but merely a state of harmony with all created things…repparttar 105791 most rhythmic life… that is lived amongrepparttar 105792 races of men.’ This viewpoint is not peculiar to people of native blood but it is often found in those other races who have resided for many years inrepparttar 105793 wilderness.” (4)

The behindrepparttar 105794 scenes brokers of power like Pierre Dupont de Nemours and Eli Lilly orrepparttar 105795 Rothschilds and Rockefellers ofrepparttar 105796 Merovingians are seen as supporters of much ofrepparttar 105797 alternative history and humanistic efforts made in various times or eras of our history. Dupont arrangedrepparttar 105798 Armistice to satisfy his relative King George who some say financedrepparttar 105799 US War of Independence and needed to get his debt repaid. My brother Russ tells merepparttar 105800 Queen’s Rangers who becamerepparttar 105801 Queen’s York Rangers he was part of in Toronto. They felt they could have beaten Washington’s army who they outnumbered even without British troops. Then we sawrepparttar 105802 Duponts startrepparttar 105803 armaments industry in America andrepparttar 105804 rest, as they say, is history. This is what Manifest Destiny is really all about and it has little to do withrepparttar 105805 theological ideology of Divine Providence andrepparttar 105806 ascending nature of man’s evolution. You might know Sam Houston retired to live withrepparttar 105807 Cherokee after his stint inrepparttar 105808 halls of political intrigue. Here are some things you might feel deserve consideration.

"Texas hero and governor Sam Houston reportedly was a member ofrepparttar 105809 Knights {In my travelsrepparttar 105810 only overt and openly seen storefront KKK operation I saw was in Houston's suburb when I called onrepparttar 105811 manager of Mickey Gilley's bar.} atrepparttar 105812 time but resigned whenrepparttar 105813 Knights turned their attention fromrepparttar 105814 invasion of Mexico torepparttar 105815 secessionist movement.

It was inrepparttar 105816 cause of Southern secession that Bickley proved more successful, asrepparttar 105817 KGC came to formrepparttar 105818 nucleus ofrepparttar 105819 Southern military. According to writer Ollinger Crenshaw, 'The Southern press received plans ofrepparttar 105820 order with enthusiasm and many newspapers became its exponents... The Vicksburg 'Sun' saidrepparttar 105821 Knights ofrepparttar 105822 Golden Circle gaverepparttar 105823 South a military organization capable of defending her rights at home and abroad.'

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