Diversify to Survive

Written by Elena Fawkner

Diversify to Survive

2002 Elena Fawkner

Overrepparttar past few weeks and monthsrepparttar 117445 news headlines have been focused on Wall Street andrepparttar 117446 downward spiral of all of repparttar 117447 major stock indexes. As usual when one of these shake- outs occurs,repparttar 117448 popular media tries to reducerepparttar 117449 issues to easy to understand, bite-size morsels. A favorite strategy is to profile a "typical" small investor who had all his eggs in one basket whenrepparttar 117450 market crashed and now his entire life savings are nothing more than red ink on his personal balance sheet.

Had our typical small investor diversified his portfolio, investing some of his capital in blue chip stocks, some in tech stocks, some in property, some in bonds, chances are he would still be inrepparttar 117451 black. The same can be said for anyone running an online business. The online environment is so dynamic and volatile, and so many so-called "hot" opportunities come and go (and don't do much in between), that devoting your entire enterprise to just one product or service offering is nothing short of dangerous, if not outright foolish.

The answer, then, is to place a few eggs in several baskets, so if repparttar 117452 bottom falls out of one, you can still make an omelet with what's left. In other words, diversify your product and service offerings to generate multiple streams of income.


Here's five ideas to get you started:

1. Affiliate programs. 2. Own products and services. 3. Website advertising. 4. Ezine advertising. 5. Content access via subscription.

We'll look at each of these individually in a moment, but first, one important caveat. The concept of multiple streams of income does NOT mean you should rush out and add new products and services to your repertoire willy-nilly.

Whatever you choose to offer must be closely related torepparttar 117453 subject matter of your site. If your site is about pet care, don't try and sell saucepans. To do so is not only a waste of valuable time and other resources but you compromiserepparttar 117454 integrity of your site's purpose, not to mention your credibility as an expert in your field.

But even more importantly than that, all traffic is not created equal. Sure, if you create a separate page on your pet care website just for your new saucepan line you may attract one or two site visitors you may not have attracted otherwise. But those visitors were interested in saucepans, not pet care. Once they reach your site they'll assume you've lostrepparttar 117455 plot and click away faster than you can say "where'd he go?".

Far, far better to have fewer site visitors who are all highly interested and motivated byrepparttar 117456 subject matter of your site (highly targeted traffic) than relatively more visitors who are only somewhat interested and motivated (untargeted traffic).

The return on your investment will always be MUCH higher from targeted traffic inrepparttar 117457 form of repeat visits, referrals, recommendations and, of course, all-important sales.

OK, let's turn now torepparttar 117458 five sources of income.


The first and most obvious source of income is affiliate programs. I'm sure most of you are already well-familiar withrepparttar 117459 concept but, if not, you can get a quick primer by readingrepparttar 117460 article at http://www.ahbbo.com/affiliate.html .

To be effective as an income-generator,repparttar 117461 affiliate programs you choose should be closely related torepparttar 117462 subject matter of your site inrepparttar 117463 sense that a visitor interested in your website content will also be interested inrepparttar 117464 subject matter ofrepparttar 117465 affiliate program you are promoting.

To start your search for appropriate affiliate programs, visit http://www.associatesearch.com and/or http://www.refer-it.com .


While affiliate programs are a good place to start, you are working on commission. For significant, long-term, sustainable income you need to develop your own line of products and services. This does not necessarily mean you must personally createrepparttar 117466 product or service; it just means you get to keeprepparttar 117467 profits on any sale. You could, for example, sell products you purchase from a wholesaler. Under this type of arrangement, you buyrepparttar 117468 product for a certain price and sell it for a higher price. The difference is your profit. The profit under this type of arrangement will, 99% of repparttar 117469 time, be significantly higher thanrepparttar 117470 commission income you generate with affiliate programs. If you don't want to bother with repparttar 117471 hassle of storing inventory and shipping orders, make arrangements forrepparttar 117472 wholesaler to drop-ship orders to your customers instead.

Are You Missing Out On Valuable Information?

Written by Jason Anderson

Are You Missing Out On Valuable Information? Copyright 2002 Jason Anderson

"Buy now and get $323 of bonuses, free!" "This package is worth $629, but you can have it for only $10!" "Get thousands of dollars of extras when you buy!"

You've probably seen them all before inrepparttar sales letters for ebooks you have bought (or not bought). The extra bonuses listed atrepparttar 117444 end ofrepparttar 117445 sales letter to entice you to purchaserepparttar 117446 ebook in question.

But once you've boughtrepparttar 117447 ebook, have you actually bothered to look atrepparttar 117448 included bonuses?

I'd wager that there are at least a few bonus ebooks that you haven't looked at, either because you "never got around to it", or they didn't sound like they were interesting.

Or perhaps you didn't look at them because they were included for free, so you thought they must be junk.

Nothing could be further fromrepparttar 117449 truth!

Well, ok, I'll admit that some ofrepparttar 117450 free ebooks included as bonuses *are* junk. The information is outdated, or they read like they were written by a 6 year old. But they arerepparttar 117451 exception, notrepparttar 117452 rule. You shouldn't think all bonus ebooks are bad simply because a couple of them are bad.

Quite often,repparttar 117453 bonus ebooks that are included have been sold separately inrepparttar 117454 past. Usuallyrepparttar 117455 ebooks came with free resell rights, so after a while they became so common place onrepparttar 117456 net that it was almost impossible to sell them separately.

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