Diversify Or Die

Written by Robert Lear

Diversify Or Die...

Business has been a little slow onrepparttar internet lately as you may have noticed, sales have dropped and people are shopping around more and buying less. I have a web hosting company which until recently was steadily ticking over a regular weekly income which allowed me to work at home and not have to kowtow to some dictatorial boss.

I realize now that I was resting on my laurels,repparttar 102546 internet is like any other business arena, you can't afford to become complacent and when times are tough you need to diversify or die. I chose to diversify, I would find another income stream to compliment my hosting business. Before wading intorepparttar 102547 often treacherous ocean ofrepparttar 102548 internet I set myself some guidelines that must be strictly adhered to in order to make this succeed.

1/ I would spend no more than $100.00 to setrepparttar 102549 business up. 2/ I must be able to earn from it almost immediately. 3/ It must have a proven track record of success. 4/ The time spent on it must have minimum impact on my already busy schedule. A tall order many of you might say, it was but I found it eventually and it pays a tidy sum weekly forrepparttar 102550 small amount of time and money invested.

After sifting throughrepparttar 102551 endless GET RICH QUICK scams and coming up empty handed, a fellow webmaster pal suggested I go to Ebay and check outrepparttar 102552 "Businesses For Sale- Websites" section.

He told me he had purchased an affiliate travel website several months before for $180.00 and was now earning several hundred a week from commissions.

Although out of my price range, I was intrigued, what I discovered amazed me. Hundreds of affiliate websites were for sale but only a select few were being heavily bid on.

After some research I noticed some sellers were auctioning half a dozen different turnkey sites at a time and realizing sales of at least $150 each, I quickly realizedrepparttar 102553 money was in selling affiliate websites not buying them.

Further detective work lead me to thier little pot of gold. Smallofficecenter.com a unique and very lucrative turnkey business concept that I am sure is going to grow very large onrepparttar 102554 net.

I tookrepparttar 102555 tour and signed up later that day,repparttar 102556 best $99.00 I have ever invested, I made my investment back with $110.00 profit on my first auction.

On average I have five turnkey websites up for auction any given week, I spend a day setting them all up and make at least $500.00 profit. Not bad for a days work and anybody can do it.

I had met and surpassed all of my guidelines and as I host them on my own servers from my own hosting company they each earn me a little more revenue each month.

How Much Do You Use Email Marketing?

Written by David McKenzie

Affiliates in affiliate programs have a vast array of affiliate marketing tools to use. It can be difficult knowing which ones work and which ones do not.

Clearly traditional banners do not work too well. Onrepparttar other hand, clever email marketing is one ofrepparttar 102545 BEST affiliate marketing tools.

Most affiliates ensure they have a number of links on their web site promoting each affiliate program they belong to. However, not so many use email marketing on a regular basis.

Here are 3 email marketing methods you should be using each week to promote your affiliate programs:

1. Using Ezine Ads in Your Own Newsletter

You may have been a subscriber of an ezine that sends out ‘special mailings’ in between sending you their regular newsletter. I personally never even look atrepparttar 102546 ‘special mailings’ because I KNOW they are ads.

However, I have been known to click on a link in an ezine ad that is part ofrepparttar 102547 newsletter. This is a great way to use your newsletter to promote your affiliate programs. You can do this by designing an ezine ad for one of your affiliate programs with a clickable link inrepparttar 102548 ezine ad that has your unique affiliate code. Put this ezine ad in your regular newsletter. I bet some of your subscribers click on it!

2. Set up a Free Email Course

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