Written by Bob Osgoodby

Many people in business onrepparttar Internet try to market only one product. Ifrepparttar 127507 demand for that product is weak or ifrepparttar 127508 demand dries up, they are virtually out of business. Smart entrepreneurs however diversify their offerings, and ifrepparttar 127509 demand is slow for one product or service,repparttar 127510 others usually pick uprepparttar 127511 slack.

If you have a web site, and if you are trying to do business onrepparttar 127512 Internet, this is a must. You can feature your diverse offerings there. Strategically placed ads should point people to your web site, and if you have diversification, an added advantage is that your advertising is doing double duty.

People may be attracted to your site by an ad for one product or service. When they get there they will see your other offerings, and might purchase one of them, which may not be what attracted them there inrepparttar 127513 first place.

But here isrepparttar 127514 real thing that everyone who has a web site must realize. You seldom make a sale onrepparttar 127515 first visit someone makes, and there must be a reason for them to come back. There are a number of ways to get repeat visitors. Contests have always been a big draw, and this can take several forms. Most people can't afford to give away "high ticket" items on a regular basis, but there are a number of low cost alternatives. Informational products are always a good bet.

Sticky Web Sites are a hot button these days. So what is a "sticky" web site. I guess an acceptable definition is one that getsrepparttar 127516 people to "stick around" because there is good content there. There is no real criteria for good content as that depends onrepparttar 127517 focus of your site. The bottom line is that if people like what they see they will return.


Written by Bob McGrath

If you're trying to get a new online business started, and you don't have a clearly stated guarantee policy, I can GUARANTEE you that a year from now, you'll still be trying to get your business OFF THE GROUND, unless you've gotten discouraged and given up!

Even inrepparttar traditional brick and mortar world of off-line sales, people need to touch and see a product before they have enough confidence to buy. That's why stores like Sears and JC Penny do so much more walk-in business than catalog sales. In an online business, this consumer apprehension is intensified by not having a physical store, or in many cases even a phone number to turn to if a product doesn't meet expectations.

Add to thatrepparttar 127506 common fear many consumers have about credit card transactions in cyberspace, and it's not hard to see that you need to put your prospective customers at ease if they're to become buyers.

How can you make your customers feel that doing business with you is not a risky proposition? The answer is incredibly simple...offer a money back guarantee!

Let's take a look atrepparttar 127507 up-side of offering a guarantee. First, it provides a statement of personal confidence in your product. To be blunt, if you lack confidence in your product - you shouldn't be selling it anyway!

The same is true even if you're marketing someone else's product for a commission, or an affiliate program for a multi-level marketing sales program. Ifrepparttar 127508 parent company doesn't eliminate risk by offering to refund fees within a clearly stated time frame, find a different program to market. You'll be amazed how much easier it will be to sign up new affiliates if you eliminaterepparttar 127509 risk.

More onrepparttar 127510 up-side - A solid guarantee policy gives your enterprise a clear image of professionalism. After all, only a legitimate business would offer to give dissatisfied customers their money back, right?

There are so many entrepreneurial start-ups onrepparttar 127511 Net today, that many opportunity seekers are skeptical of any program givingrepparttar 127512 appearance of being a small home business. The assumption is: "They're no bigger than I am, and may not be in business next month, so why risk my money with them?"

Offering a money back guarantee dispelsrepparttar 127513 small entrepreneurial image, and alleviates skepticism more than you can imagine.

Now let's take a look atrepparttar 127514 downside. If you offer a money- back guarantee, you'll be deluged with refund requests, right?

This is only true if you're selling something that is not as you describe it in your sales literature. If you've done an accurate job of explainingrepparttar 127515 features of your product torepparttar 127516 customer before they make their purchase, there won't be any surprises that will trigger their refund reflex. In other words, give them what they paid you, and they'll be unlikely to complain about it.

Overall,repparttar 127517 percentage of buyers asking for refunds from reputable online businesses is very low. A 10% return rate would be surprisingly high, and you would want to take a hard look at either your sales material, or your products themselves, to try to determine what was causingrepparttar 127518 dissatisfaction. Be sure you're not promising something you aren't delivering.

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