Ditch Lack of Confidence and Unlock Full Potential

Written by Jo Ball

Beingrepparttar next Carmen Electra or Paris Hilton might or might not appeal to all you, but there are things that do appeal to you, and you don’t do them.

Maybe this is because you lackedrepparttar 138474 confidence to reach out for it or maybe this is because you just we’re not sure it was right for you.

In this article I want to help you use lack of confidence as your indicator – showing you when you should clearly hold back and when you should go for it.

The first thing you need to get clear on is what you want. You need to know what your outcome is going to be. When I say this I don’t just mean in any old day-to-day situation, I mean in your life as a whole.

There’s an effective way to look at your life as a whole, gain clarity and boost your confidence all in one shot. Shall I share how with you?

There is nothing more effective in creating confidence than knowing how you want things to work out. When you do this you educate yourself. Fromrepparttar 138475 point of knowledge you can make an educated decision and literally pivot your whole life from where you are now to your ultimate destiny… and allrepparttar 138476 success and happiness you can imagine.

If you know clearlyrepparttar 138477 ‘what’ andrepparttar 138478 ‘why’ of your life then you can look at daily events and never again need to consider if you haverepparttar 138479 ability or if you can or can’t pull it off.

Goal Setting

Written by Lynne Kaska

When setting goals for ourselves, it is absolutely essential that they are realistic. It is possible to achieve any goal no matter how big it seems. The key is to break it down into realistic doable portions.

About 6 months ago, I set a goal that I viewed as impossible. But when I broke it down, I saw that it was very possible. The technique that I used was a mind map. The goal that I set for myself was responsibility. I spent many years completely dependent on my parents because of my many mental and physical challenges. My mother did all of my laundry, paid for my car insurance, and my gasoline. She cooked for me and even cleaned my room. When I finally decided that I was going to become responsible, it encompassed such a wide spectrum of things. I didn't even have a checking account much less a credit card.

Inrepparttar middle of my piece of paper, I wroterepparttar 138376 word responsibility and drew a circle around it. Then I branched it out into 5 categories: self-care, finances, personal relationships, career and education, and spiritual growth. This wasrepparttar 138377 beginning of my action plan. I'm going to use my finances as an example. I came up with a list of every action that I needed to take in order to change my financial situation. My list is as follows:

Finances: Establish checking account Establish savings account take over gasoline bill take over car insurance payments Learn to balance checkbook Get a small secured credit card put $10 per week into savings Retain attorney for bankruptcy File for bankruptcy Save $5,000 for downpayment for new car Save $3,000 for furniture for apartment Save $2,000 for moving expenses/deposits Get apartment

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