Displaying Google Adsense in Blogs

Written by George Manty

GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ can be a great tool for making money. Blogs are also becoming a great tool for making money. Many people know thatrepparttar most profitable position to place GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ ads is inline with your article text. The dilemna many of us face is thatrepparttar 149754 GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ Terms of Service only allow 3 ad blocks per page. The reason this is a problem for bloggers is that most blogs show more than three posts onrepparttar 149755 main page or inrepparttar 149756 archives section ofrepparttar 149757 site. When this isrepparttar 149758 case you can't post an article GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ inrepparttar 149759 article.

While setting up my wife and her friend's new site (www.naturalfamilynews.com), I came up with a trick using JavaScript to fix that problem. The code I wrote works perfectly in WordPress, but you should be able to adapt it to any blog that uses templates.

Step 1. Inrepparttar 149760 head section ofrepparttar 149761 template (betweenrepparttar 149762 <head> and </head> tags), you insertrepparttar 149763 following JavaScript code:

<script> var temp=0; </script>

Step 2. Go torepparttar 149764 template used to display your post (in WordPressrepparttar 149765 main template). Then insertrepparttar 149766 following code insiderepparttar 149767 display area forrepparttar 149768 post:

<script> if (temp>2) document.write("<div style='visibility:hidden;height=1px;font-size:0;display:none'>"); </script>

Should I Make My Own Web Site?

Written by Fred Ost

Withrepparttar growing popularity and automation of wyswig (what you see is what you get) web site design software titles, a growing number of small business and individuals are creating their own web sites. Should you make your own web site? One school of thought is that you can save yourself some cash by making your own web site, and saving some cash is always a good thing. The other school of thought is that in order to make a top quality product equal to what you provide your customers with on a daily basis you are going to have to invest some money in some quality software.

You would need to purchase a web site design program like Macromedia's Dreamweaver and if you plan on embellishing your web site with some of your digital photography you will need some photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia's Fireworks. Even if you take fantastic pictures you will still need to optimize them for fast loading in your customers web browser. An unedited five megapixel photo takes up about a 19x19 inch screen and if you put two of those puppies on a web page and your customer does not have broadband internet access they will be nodding off before your page is viewable. And that equals bye bye visitor.

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