Dislocating the Distractions

Written by Brian Roe

One ofrepparttar major issues with having your own home-based business is distractions. It's easy to abandon work whenrepparttar 116971 television is just downrepparttar 116972 hall (or inrepparttar 116973 same room), orrepparttar 116974 laundry is calling your name.

Ultimately YOU are responsible for your success or failure, andrepparttar 116975 household duties andrepparttar 116976 freedom to postpone work can sometimes be too enticing to pass up. To have a successful business, one must exert control. Control over surroundings. Control over time. It is important to stay focused on your business and not what's onrepparttar 116977 TV. Here are a few ways to help minimizerepparttar 116978 distractions.

"Location, Location, Location. Set up your office area as far away from high-traffic areas as you can. Avoid kitchens, living rooms, nearrepparttar 116979 front door, etc. The best solution is to have a room solely for your office. However, that's not always feasible.

oWhen space is an issue, set up your area in a corner of a room, and keep potential distractions out of view, or you will soon be focusing on them instead. Try to create a barrier fromrepparttar 116980 rest ofrepparttar 116981 room, which produces visual and psychological separation.

"Organization, Organization, Organization. This will really make or break some people. For starters, only keep things inrepparttar 116982 area that are of use for your business. Sparse decorations are okay, but keeprepparttar 116983 guitar out. Second, keeping supplies organized and well-placed eliminates many future headaches.

oFor those with stacks of papers floating around, filing cabinets and trash cans do wonders for eradicating messes. Also, keep often-used supplies close at hand, whereas rarely touched items need to be put out ofrepparttar 116984 way. To save space, consider placingrepparttar 116985 phone onrepparttar 116986 wall.

Why You Need Your Own Website

Written by Debra Gravelle

Every now and then, I get askedrepparttar same question over and over again from one of my new students. My not so new students that I have mentored already knowrepparttar 116970 obvious answer. I still tell everyonerepparttar 116971 same answer every time I hear that same question.

Here isrepparttar 116972 scenario. We’ll call this person “student”.

Student: Why can’t I be as successful as some ofrepparttar 116973 other marketers onrepparttar 116974 Internet? I work as hard or even harder then they do but, my downline and my sales seldom produce anything.

Coach: Are you being consistent about promoting your site?

Student: I’ve done everything that I know to do. I have mailed out on dozens of safelist regularly, joined banner clubs, even runrepparttar 116975 hit exchanges daily torepparttar 116976 maximum. Still it seems nothing is happening for me.

Coach: Hummm…. What’s your website address? I’ll take a look.

Student: It is http://www.thecompany.com/ID?xxxx .

Coach: No, I don’t meanrepparttar 116977 companies site. I’m talking about Your site.

Student: Oh, I don’t have one.

Coach: Bingo! How are you going to control anything that you don’t own? You Can’t. How do you introduce yourself and your product so that your prospect feels comfortable with doing business with you? You Don’t.

Student: Butrepparttar 116978 company does that for me. Even includes a follow up of 5 or 6 messages through their auto responder system on my behalf.

Coach: Those are templates. Are you a template or an individual wanting to do business? The last that I was aware of is that you are an individual, not a template. Your prospect shouldn’t be treated like a boiler room template either.

Student: Well, I’m an individual and I would prefer to do business.

Coach: Then get your own site to introduce yourself first. Then you add your products and services. When you walk downrepparttar 116979 street and run into someone that you haven’t met yet, do you say “Hello, how are you?” Or, do you just simply throw one of your products in their face?

Student: I say “Hello”, of course.

Coach: Bingo, again!

Let me shed some light here about doing business onrepparttar 116980 Internet inrepparttar 116981 “Real World”.

Understand that there is nothing like doing business onrepparttar 116982 Internet. The vast opportunities are virtually limitless. The Internet can take you to a level of realism beyond what you can even dream about.

But always remember,repparttar 116983 internet is only a Tool in which we transmit and receive information. It is “Cold Blooded”. The internet does not have emotion, desires orrepparttar 116984 lack of any need. Not any more than it can breathe, cry or hunger. It does not laugh, be happy or get sad. It does not interact personally on any level. It is only capable of performingrepparttar 116985 commands that you give it. It is “Cold Blooded”.

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