Discussion Boards! They Help You Learn As You Go!

Written by Joe Reinbold

I get a lot of questions from subscribers and visitors to our web site. Some I can answer outright, others I need to do a little research to find out for myself. We have been online now for about three years and started with little knowledge of some ofrepparttar technical aspects ofrepparttar 119080 online business process. When someone starts off their question of comments with "Joe, I don't haverepparttar 119081 slightest inkling of where to start", I know how they feel. I've been there!

One ofrepparttar 119082 places (besidesrepparttar 119083 use of search engines, where you can find a multitude of information on almost any topic) I have been going for years to increase my knowledge are forums and discussions boards. Forrepparttar 119084 new person, or "newbie" as Internet slang designates them, these are great places to learn without getting involved in any discussions.

A lot of newbies and those not so new may be afraid to ask questions because they feel they may be asking dumb questions. Well, to me there are no dumb questions. But if you feel that way anyway, then forums and discussion boards will help you out. You can go there, browse around, observerepparttar 119085 questions and responses and LEARN! If you get daring you can even post a question and see what type of responses you get.

I have visited a number of boards regularly overrepparttar 119086 last couple of years. Sometimes I actively post responses to questions already posted, in some I post a question I might have and sometimes I just browse to see what type of info I can get during that visit.

There are many occasions when I need to find something specific out and I go right to a particular board and post a question. I usually get an answer within a reasonable time. On occasion I get an answer in minutes.

As you get more experienced you will find that posting at forums and discussion boards is also a great way to create more traffic to your site and maybe more subscribers for your ezine. In most cases it just comes down to leaving your website URL or subscribe email address with your posting. Just make sure that you checkrepparttar 119087 posting and/or advertising restrictions that a site might have before you do it.


Written by Keith Scheafer

Networking isrepparttar most powerful force in business. Even businesses that can afford lavish television commercials and expensive newspaper ads say networking isrepparttar 119079 engine behind their sales.

Most businesses say up to 80 percent of their clients come from networking and word-of-mouth.

Networking is also an excellent way to get valuable, customized information at low cost or free. Even one tip from an expert can give you a big jump on your competition saving you lots of time and money. I often use smart advice from very successful entrepreneurs to help me earn profits from offshore opportunities.

Networking for information is especially important onrepparttar 119080 Internet. Bill Gates predictsrepparttar 119081 Net's most important function will be to connect you with an expert who hasrepparttar 119082 right solution for your problem.

Here are three top ways to connect with people who can speed your path to profits.

1. Find UseNet newsgroups that specialize in your main topic of interest. There are thousands of groups discussing any subject you can imagine. Most groups have one or more well-known experts who are ready to answer your questions.

Post a few short comments or questions onrepparttar 119083 newsgroup over a period of several weeks. Once you are known to regular participants, you will find experts will be glad to send you long emails of advice that would otherwise cost hundreds or thousands. Best of all, this advice is tailored just for your situation.

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