Discrimination against Voting Taxpayers

Written by Shirley deLong

Speaking of Discrimination againstrepparttar hard-working Taxpayers who tries to cast their vote forrepparttar 113448 benefit of their future, and their vote gets cancelled by THE FOLLOWING: People who are allowed to vote that don't work, never worked, or never will work, that lives on Taxpayers' monies, called Welfare and Social Programs. These people have had allrepparttar 113449 illegitimates that are creating 'TERRORISM IN AMERICA' for everyone.

Our taxes going down the drain...

Written by Birmingham UK Com

High steel prices have led to an increase in manhole and drain cover theft acrossrepparttar UK. In fact, metals in general are high onrepparttar 113447 priority list for thieves with white vans and scrap metal establishments of ill repute. It is not unknown for large blue motorway signs to mysteriously vanish overnight.

Large sewer grate covers and heavy drain covers are lucrative money spinners for those prepared to takerepparttar 113448 risk. Sold for a fraction of their replacement cost there is still a tidy profit to be made in this trade. A quick check on google reveals thatrepparttar 113449 problem is not exclusive torepparttar 113450 West Midlands. Similar experience in Aberdeenshire, Cambridgeshire, Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk have been widely publicised.

Councils are being urged to consider upgrading their security measures and to investigaterepparttar 113451 possible replacement of some high risk covers with more secure and harder to remove products. More modern covers offer recessed locks which are almost impossible to remove.

Councils are united in their condemnation of this new trend of mindless and irresponsible theft. Their concerns, apart fromrepparttar 113452 inconvenience and cost of replacement, arerepparttar 113453 fact that these drains are left exposed and likely to be a serious safety hazard to pedestrians and motorists. Imagine a motorcycle travelling at speed and hitting a hole inrepparttar 113454 road or a small child or elderly person falling into a hole inrepparttar 113455 ground.

Before we condemnrepparttar 113456 UK criminal for this thoughtless and inconsiderate act of selfish profiteering atrepparttar 113457 expense of safety and waste of tax payers contributions, we should take a look at this problem on a global scale. We are not alone. This is common practice in some countries. Surprisingly it is very common and a big problem in China.

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