Discover the Positive Effects of Exercise for Diabetes Sufferers

Written by Emily Clark

There are two main types of diabetes, type I and type II. Type I diabetes is characterized byrepparttar pancreas making too little or no insulin. An individual with diabetes type I will have to inject insulin throughoutrepparttar 144537 day in order to control glucose levels. Type II diabetes, also known as adult onset diabetes, is characterized byrepparttar 144538 pancreas not producing enough insulin to control glucose levels orrepparttar 144539 cells not responding to insulin. When a cell does not respond to insulin, it is known as insulin resistance. When a subject is diagnosed with type II diabetes, exercise and weight control are prescribed as measures to help with insulin resistance. If this does not control glucose levels, then medication is prescribed. The risk factors for type II diabetes include: inactivity, high cholesterol, obesity, and hypertension. Inactivity alone is a very strong risk factor that has been proven to lead to diabetes type II. Exercise will have a positive effect on diabetes type II while improving insulin sensitivity while type I cannot be controlled be an exercise program. Over 90% of individuals with diabetes have type II.

Exercise causesrepparttar 144540 body to process glucose faster, which lowers blood sugar. The more intenserepparttar 144541 exercise,repparttar 144542 fasterrepparttar 144543 body will utilize glucose. Therefore it is important to understandrepparttar 144544 differences in training with type I and type II diabetes. It is important for an individual who has diabetes to check with a physician before beginning an exercise program. When training with a diabetic, it is important to understandrepparttar 144545 dangers of injecting insulin immediately prior to exercise. An individual with type I diabetes injecting their normal amount of insulin for a sedentary situation can poserepparttar 144546 risk of hypoglycemia or insulin shock during exercise. General exercise guidelines for type I are as follows: allow adequate rest during exercise sessions to prevent high blood pressure, use low impact exercises and avoid heavy weight lifting, and always have a supply of carbohydrates nearby. If blood sugar levels get too low,repparttar 144547 individual may feel shaky, disoriented, hungry, anxious, become irritable or experience trembling. Consuming a carbohydrate snack or beverage will alleviate these symptoms in a matter of minutes.

Education - Let the Learning Begin!

Written by Tara Cicconni

You've probably heard it since you were little, 'get a good education and you'll go far in life.' Maybe you used to wonder how truthful your relatives were when they said those words to you. Maybe now you know or wish you had listened to them a little harder. Whateverrepparttar case may be, it's undeniable that education is vital to your success for many reasons.

Income is most likelyrepparttar 144433 first reason that comes to your mind. Without a solid education, you will probably not be able to findrepparttar 144434 best paying job to support you and your family. Yes, it's correct that with hard work and persistence, people have been able to get great jobs without an education, but those cases are uncommon. You need to attend school to truly be looked at as a prime candidate for employment - no question.

A college education will be able to prepare you effectively for employment. You will learn skills and acquirerepparttar 144435 essential information about your major which will lead you right towardrepparttar 144436 job you want. So, don't eliminate this critical step because education will berepparttar 144437 thing that serves you with a secure future.

Another reason you will want to receive a good education is for basic writing and conversation skills. If you want to come across as being confident in all situations, you will need book smarts. Street smarts can only get you so far- so don't depend on them. Writing letters, answering correspondence and speaking onrepparttar 144438 telephone are all aspects of jobs that you will need education for. You learn basic math and writing skills through education and without these, you won't be able to show yourself to others as confidently as you desire.

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