Discover the Advantages and Pitfalls of Drop Shipping

Written by Melanie Burns

Drop shipping can be a great way to get started with your online venture. Just be careful to make sure that you knowrepparttar quality ofrepparttar 149966 product your supplier offers, what their shipping policies are, and their reliability. Your reputation is onrepparttar 149967 line with your customers, notrepparttar 149968 drop shippers reputation. You must be able to stand behind your product and service not matter whatrepparttar 149969 source for them. Make sure to order at least one of each ofrepparttar 149970 items you would receive fromrepparttar 149971 drop shipper. This gives you several things: 1.It will show yourepparttar 149972 quality ofrepparttar 149973 products. This is very important. You donít want to offer a product and have your customer receive something that is low quality, falling apart, or obviously not worthrepparttar 149974 money. 2.It will show you whatrepparttar 149975 packaging is like. How well isrepparttar 149976 product protected duringrepparttar 149977 shipping process? Is it likely to break or arrive damaged due to inferior shipping or packaging. 3.You can see first hand who they shipped through and how long it took forrepparttar 149978 item(s) to arrive. There are many advantages to drop shipping, for example when you are first starting out, capital may be an issue. With drop shipping you can get around that by sellingrepparttar 149979 product first, collectingrepparttar 149980 money from your customer, buying fromrepparttar 149981 drop shipper, and keepingrepparttar 149982 profit. Although you profit may not be as high as it would if you had purchasedrepparttar 149983 products in bulk beforehand, it is still a profit that can get you started. Another advantage is you donít have to have products stored around your house. You donít have to worry about being stuck with inventory that you cannot sell. If a product doesnít sell, you can simply drop it from your offering and go on to other more sell-able products. You can find and sell more items since you donít haverepparttar 149984 limitations of on-hand inventory. If you are considering going into drop shipping to get yourself started, established, or as an ongoing business model, takerepparttar 149985 following potential pitfalls into account:

What Everybody Should Know... About How to Find Wholesale Suppliers

Written by Melanie Burns

Finding a supplier forrepparttar product you want to sell, at a price that you can profit from, can be a big task. The best suppliers for your online sales or auctions do not advertise their services and often cannot be found online.

Those that you can find online tend to be middle-men. It is often difficult to get a good enough price to make any real profit online.

Let me tell you about my simple 2 step system to find an untapped source for wholesale suppliers. This is so simple that itís often overlooked as a source for product. This system involves thinking outsiderepparttar 149957 box and not letting policy stop you.

The First Step to find a supplier is to find someone that already sells or has access to what you want to sell. This could be a website, an eBay seller, a manufacturer, a wholesale outlet, or a regular store in your city. This isrepparttar 149958 easy step. You know what you are looking for and you can search onrepparttar 149959 internet, not for a wholesale source, but for anyone already selling what you want to sell.

Another valuable source for a local supplier is your local phone book. The yellow pages arerepparttar 149960 best way to find local sources. This should berepparttar 149961 first place you look. Doing business locally with someone that you can meet face to face is a big plus for your business.

Another potential source for your product is to find a distributor who would be willing to private label a product for you. You could get a very high quality product for a much lower price than if it hadrepparttar 149962 name brand label.

The Second and Key Step is to convincerepparttar 149963 source you found to become your supplier.

Manufacturers and wholesale sources often have minimum orders that might be beyond your reach if you are just starting out. Online retailers, eBay merchants, and retail stores may be your best bet. Try to find a small store who is looking to expand.

But remember, you are dealing with a human being and they can be convinced to do business with you. Just be sure to sweetenrepparttar 149964 deal for them. One way is to offerrepparttar 149965 person you are dealing with at your new found source, a percentage of your profits fromrepparttar 149966 products he supplies you.

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