Discover how to attract the help you need to build your Network Marketing Business.

Written by Fernando Soave

Discover how to attractrepparttar help you need to build your Network Marketing Business. ******************************************************************************************************* by Fernando Soave © 2003

Positiv thinkers dare to believe thatrepparttar 122535 biggest and best men or woman inrepparttar 122536 world can be attracted to their cause or project. Try forrepparttar 122537 best man or woman inrepparttar 122538 world and you can secure his help.

How do you attractrepparttar 122539 help ofrepparttar 122540 best man or woman you need ?

1.Be prepared to pay forrepparttar 122541 help you need.

Watch out for that negative money trap : “You probably can’t afford not to spendrepparttar 122542 money to hirerepparttar 122543 help.” Be prepared to pay top price forrepparttar 122544 top man or woman. The best man or woman are usually worth more then they are getting. It almost always pays to hirerepparttar 122545 best.

2.Be a team builder, not an empire founder.

Successful man or woman are those who have a “team complex”, not a “star complex”. Positiv thinkers are team builders, not empire founders.

3.Forget about “status”, credit and glory.

Status-seeking, credit-grabling and glory-hunting executers generate unimaginable jealousy. Instead of inspiring their associates to really produce, they stimulate negative emotions that contribute to a terrible letdown. The smart and successful men or woman finds joy in watching his associates get ahead. They never allow themselves to view their associates as threats to their own proud position. They know that this very thought will berepparttar 122546 beginning of their downfall. You can surround yourself with skilled specialists if you will establish a “share-the-credit-plan”. Asrepparttar 122547 proverb says : “Take good care of your people and your people will take good care of you.”

4.Offer your people a unique pace-setting challenge.

The One Bite At a Time Principle

Written by Albin Dittli

On ofrepparttar best ways to become financially free is to have residual income coming in from several sources.

Perhaps easier said then done. You hear it allrepparttar 122534 time, "I can't afford to join a whole bunch of companies now" or "It's to hard to promote several companies at once".

Rememberrepparttar 122535 old riddle about how do you eat an elephant. You knowrepparttar 122536 answer, "one bite at a time."

Lets userepparttar 122537 one bite at a time principle to create multiple streams of residual income. We will use network marketing companies to do so.

Residual income is income that you create once, and then it keeps coming to you on a regular basis. It is a way you can leverage your time and investment. You work to buildrepparttar 122538 income, which takes marketing time. It may take a monetary investment, depending on whether you are using free or paid marketing methods.

Here we are defining network marketing companies as those programs that have a monthly cost on which they pay a monthly commission. It is this monthly commission that will provide you with long term residual income.

Affiliate programs are notrepparttar 122539 same. They are usually a one time sale. Some do offer multiple products, but you cannot count on continued sales for residual income.

This is not to say that you can't make money with affiliate programs. You can make money with them. They just don't fit real well withrepparttar 122540 one bite at a time principle.

Most network marketing companies pay their highest percents onrepparttar 122541 lower levels, like levels five and lower. They pay quite low percents on levels one and two. They justify this by saying you have very few members on level one and two and a great many (eventually) onrepparttar 122542 lower levels, so their program is maximizing your income. That might well be true, but only after you have built a very large organization. That could take months or years.

Other network marketing companies pay a high percentage on level one or two. Their philosophy is to help you get a decent check fairly soon. A few pay around 33% ofrepparttar 122543 selling price on level one. If you receive 33% for everyone on your first level you will be breaking even with just three members on your first level.

These are hard to find, however they are out there. Check outrepparttar 122544 company as best you can. Check ifrepparttar 122545 product or service has real value. If it looks good, then join it. Your goal is to recruit enough members so that you are breaking even.

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