Discover Your Unique Selling Proposition

Written by Marc & Terry Goldman

No matter what you sell online, be it a product or service, it is critical to define what sets you apart from your competition, makes your product/service appealing to your target market, and what benefits your product/service provides your customers. This is your Unique Selling Proposition or USP.

Being able to communicaterepparttar unique benefits of what you have to offer in a specific manner is critically important for achieving a distinguishable difference between you and your competitors.

You should aim to make your USPrepparttar 127274 one specific idea that first comes to mind when people think of your product or service. A very famous example comes fromrepparttar 127275 automobile industry: when people hear "Volvo" they instantly identify it with "Safety".

You must obviously work to educate your target market about your product's USP. People did not just automatically associate Volvo with safety. Volvo helped to instill this idea in their heads through cleverly planned advertising, promotion and publicity.

You must have your USP clearly defined before you begin to craft any sales material for your product or service. This will help you to communicate your USP to your target market. If YOU can't state it your prospects sure won't see it. Depending onrepparttar 127276 real benefits of your product or service andrepparttar 127277 void in your market that you are filling, your USP might be one of repparttar 127278 following (or any number of others you might think of):

* You sell your product or service for less than your competition does.

* You sell a higher quality product or service than anyone else in your industry.

* You provide more customer service or education before, during and afterrepparttar 127279 sale than anyone else does.

* You offer twicerepparttar 127280 guarantee of your closest competitor.

There Is A Sales Person Lurking Inside You

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

There is a sales person lurking inside you so watch out lest this pest bursts out and makes you loads of moneyrepparttar natural way! A few week-ends ago wasrepparttar 127273 Memorial day special for people inrepparttar 127274 US. Now you are wondering why I am telling you this. Well it is simple, it did affect me pretty much and I am using this to prove to you how every one including YOU have an `inbuilt` sales mechanism waiting to turn your wheels of fortune. Well So on this weekend we took our special guest- a professor from New Zealand to visitrepparttar 127275 Capilano bridge – The world`s greatest suspension bridge (first built in 1889, this swinging bridge hangs 230 above and 450 feet acrossrepparttar 127276 waters ofrepparttar 127277 Capilano River).

Now I had totally forgotten aboutrepparttar 127278 Memorial Day... andrepparttar 127279 place was crawling with tourists fromrepparttar 127280 neighboring USA. Yes you have guessed it right , I live onrepparttar 127281 border in BC, Canada. Wow silly me... Walking overrepparttar 127282 bridge with my eyes tight shut, clinging for dear life torepparttar 127283 side rail! For I have a natural aversion to heights andrepparttar 127284 bridge was swinging wildly due torepparttar 127285 mad surge of tourists....The thought that flashed in to my mind was "even if I go down now, at least I will do so in style".

As expected nothing happened, we crossed over, marveled atrepparttar 127286 wonders of nature, sawrepparttar 127287 tallest tree inrepparttar 127288 world and returned overrepparttar 127289 bridge... This time it was much faster. I did not shut my eyes or cling torepparttar 127290 rail as much. So here is your first point I am trying to make: Evenrepparttar 127291 toughest situation becomes much simpler once you have tried it out and masteredrepparttar 127292 basics:

- The first time round all your imagined fears jump out at you and block your progress;

- Second time you have mastered some ofrepparttar 127293 hurdles and are more confident.

- Third time round you are heading towards a pro. OK- OK – so you already know all about it, how does sales come in torepparttar 127294 picture? What I am trying to prove to you is that you are a `born sales person`. I want you to remove any inhibitions towardsrepparttar 127295 word `SALES` and listen up closely. Well so back to my story, this professor from New- Zealand is only just over 40. He has spent over 30 years of his life working towards his research and Phd. He is well published , has authored several books, is well respected and earns a substantial income from his research and sensible investments. Now he has reached a status where he meets his boss–repparttar 127296 head ofrepparttar 127297 university only about twice a year. He loves his work, travels a lot, has no time for a family, does not own a TV – because he does not watch it. He has been to a movie may be once a year or even less...

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