Discover YOUR Online Poker Room

Written by Robert Myer

As allrepparttar poker sites onrepparttar 147870 internet call themselves poker rooms so that is what I’m going to call them too.

The first thing you have to do to check out a room is to download their software. You should download at least five rooms but ten is better. Set up accounts in each one so that you can enter their rooms to get an idea of how they operate.

The first thing to look for isrepparttar 147871 layout ofrepparttar 147872 “home page”. Does it make you feel comfortable? Is it easy to understand? These are not important points but they need to be thought about.

One very important point isrepparttar 147873 ease of navigation insiderepparttar 147874 room.

Can you findrepparttar 147875 game schedule easily? Is help readily available? Do they break downrepparttar 147876 free games fromrepparttar 147877 money games? Do you have to search throughrepparttar 147878 entire list of games to find what you want?

Write down your impressions of each room so that you can make judgments later .

Now play in some of their free games to get a feel for howrepparttar 147879 software works. This will help you decide whether you want to play atrepparttar 147880 room or not. There’s no use going any further in checking a room out if you don’t like playing there.

After you have donerepparttar 147881 above you have probably eliminated one or two rooms. Now you have to decide what games and what type of games that you want to play.

Do you want Hold’em, Stud, Omaha? Do you want tournaments or ring games? Do you want freerolls or money tournaments? Or do you want some combination of all of them?

Love at First Site: Giving Your

Written by Sam Serio

Website Visitorsrepparttar right Impression Think ofrepparttar 147869 people who visit your site as blind dates. When you openrepparttar 147870 door, your blind date usually knows whether they are attracted to you withinrepparttar 147871 first minute. How do they know? Easy. By how you look, what you say, and how you treat them. If you openrepparttar 147872 door wearingrepparttar 147873 same clothes you wore in 1987, say, "Wow, from my friend's description, I thought you would be a lot better looking," and sneeze in your dates face, not only will you never get a second date, your date will run for his/her life. The same rules apply to your website. When people do a search for something they want to buy, they usually have many sites to choose from. If yours does not impress them right offrepparttar 147874 bat, it takes about five seconds for them to find another that does show them what they want to see. There are plenty of other fish inrepparttar 147875 sea. You are just one among many. So what do people want to see, you ask? There are 3 standards of website excellence, and they arerepparttar 147876 same standards you would use to judge your blind date: 1. How it looks: If I visit two different websites withrepparttar 147877 purpose of buying something, and those two websites soldrepparttar 147878 exact same product atrepparttar 147879 exact same price, I would buy fromrepparttar 147880 site that looked better--the one whose design made me think, "Wow, these guys must be making good money if they can afford to hire a good graphic designer." The more money I thinkrepparttar 147881 business makes,repparttar 147882 more I will identify them with value and professionalism. The bottom line is, you need to make web design a priority. There are plenty of people out there who have graphic designer friends willing to design their website for next to nothing. Those people haverepparttar 147883 advantage because, even if they aren'trepparttar 147884 superior business, visitors will perceive them to be superior. If you don't have any connections with graphic designers willing to do you a favor, see if you can find a starving artist willing to designrepparttar 147885 layout of your site. If anyone has an eye for aesthetics and is willing to work cheap, it's a starving artist. Once you know what your site should look like, either you or a web designer can bringrepparttar 147886 artist's vision to life. Takerepparttar 147887 time to design something that represents your business or product well. Don't just throw up a website with gaudy wallpaper, out of focus pictures and graphics placed at random. Remember that first moment when you openrepparttar 147888 door to a blind date. Remember how much appearances count for in this world.

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