Discover Paseo Colorado In Pasadena California

Written by David G. Hallstrom, Sr.

Just a few short blocks from famous Old Town Pasadena, California isrepparttar urban village of Paseo Colorado, a self contained residential apartment complex and shopping mall. According to Paseo Colorado's web site this development is "One ofrepparttar 149465 largest concepts of its kind inrepparttar 149466 country, Paseo Colorado is an urban village featuring a unique collection of retail stores, fine and casual dining, luxury apartment homes, and garden promenades that restore vital links torepparttar 149467 historic core of Pasadena’s Civic Center and Old Pasadena."

"Paseo Colorado features Mediterranean architecture, heavily landscaped pedestrian promenades, courtyards, towers and terraces. The property features a variety of artistic detail from well-known and respected artists, including a fountain featuring hand-made custom-glazed ceramic tile created by artist Anne Marie Karlsen, a second fountain embellished with an Italian glass mosaic by artist Margaret Nielsen, and intricate iron grills and rails created by artist Michael Amescua." There are 391 luxury residential apartments and lofts, an upscale Gelson's Supermarket, a Macy's Department Store, over sixty five specialty and botique shops, including Coach, Ann Taylor, Tony Bahama, Hugo Boss, Bombay Company and Sam Goody, a Pacific Theatre with fourteen screens, seventeen (17) dining establishments, a fitness club, a day spa and much more.

Las Vegas - World Series of Poker (WSOP) Update

Written by Eric Madsen

Who Will Be The Top Dog at WSOP? That isrepparttar question on everyone's mind asrepparttar 149361 2005 World Series of Poker enters its third round with only 272 top poker players remaining.

Ofrepparttar 149362 over 5600 entrants who enteredrepparttar 149363 esteemed Las Vegas held tournament at a buy-in of $10 000 each, most walked away with nothing as onlyrepparttar 149364 last 560 players qualify for cash prizes.

However, for those players whose luck and skill saw them surviverepparttar 149365 first four gruelling days,repparttar 149366 big prize is still very much onrepparttar 149367 horizon as they continue to battle it out in no-limit Texas Hold 'em poker.

Their objective is a common one - to make torepparttar 149368 final table of nine players and beat outrepparttar 149369 opposition to walk awayrepparttar 149370 winner ofrepparttar 149371 2005 tournament and $7.5 million richer.

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