Discover Old Town Pasadena California

Written by David G. Hallstrom, Sr.

Old Town Pasadena which basically runs down Colorado Blvd. from Pasadena Avenue onrepparttar West to Marengo Avenue onrepparttar 145406 east and on either side of Colorado Blvd. from Holly St. onrepparttar 145407 north to Green St. onrepparttar 145408 south is quickly becoming one of Los Angeles Countys busiest and most entertaining local gathering places.

Day or night, weekday or weekendrepparttar 145409 area is always "jumpin". People come from all over to dine, shop, visit art galleries, go torepparttar 145410 movies, go dancing, listen to jazz and other types of music, be entertained by street preformers and most of all to relax and have fun in a safe, clean and pleasant atmosphere.

There are dozens of restaurants, most with outdoor patio dining, serving almost any type of ethnic or American cuisine you could wish for. There are night clubs offering a variety of entertainment, shops of all types, art galleries, antique stores, bakeries serving some ofrepparttar 145411 best pastries found anywhere, movie theaters showing first run movies, book stores with coffee bars and if you like people watching, people of almost every nationality, culture and income, letting loose and having fun.

Park in one ofrepparttar 145412 parking garages, on some ofrepparttar 145413 side streets or avail yourself ofrepparttar 145414 valet parking offered onrepparttar 145415 street in front of several ofrepparttar 145416 restaurants and businesses and then walk to any place in Old Town. The city of Pasadena andrepparttar 145417 Old Town merchants and businesses have gone to great lengths to ensure your safety and well being without encroaching on your enjoyment ofrepparttar 145418 area.

Visit Santa Barbara California

Written by David G. Hallstrom, Sr.

Ninty some miles north west of Los Angeles liesrepparttar lovely beach city of Santa Barbara, California where you will find some ofrepparttar 145405 cleanest and best tended beaches onrepparttar 145406 west coast.

The city of Santa Barbara which includes Hope Ranch and Montecito has a population of approximately 90,000 (not countingrepparttar 145407 students who reside at UC Santa Barbara.) yet it hosts millions of visitors each year. The residents ofrepparttar 145408 city are, forrepparttar 145409 most part, friendly, courteous and helpful,repparttar 145410 city is clean and thanks to a well enforced anti graffiti department, virtually free of graffiti. Crime rates are low andrepparttar 145411 police are courteous and willing to assist you in whatever you need. Whether you are a single traveler, traveling with a friend or spouse or takingrepparttar 145412 whole family, Santa Barbara is a great destination.

There is something for everyone in or near Santa Barbara. Relax onrepparttar 145413 beaches, enjoyrepparttar 145414 night life on State Street or in next door Isla Vista, drive past multi million dollar homes in Montecito or Hope Ranch, take in a symphony atrepparttar 145415 Arlington Theater, visitrepparttar 145416 Museum of Art, tourrepparttar 145417 Mission, go torepparttar 145418 Zoo or enjoyrepparttar 145419 Botanic Gardens orrepparttar 145420 Natural History Museum, fish off Stearns Wharf, go sport fishing or whale watching, dine at one ofrepparttar 145421 numerous excellant restaurants (many with outside patio dining), visitrepparttar 145422 outdoor Farmer's Market and buy organically grown fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants, buy arts and crafts atrepparttar 145423 sidewalk art show which is right alongrepparttar 145424 beach, rent a bicycle or a bicycle built for two and ride onrepparttar 145425 bike paths alongrepparttar 145426 ocean, dine at one ofrepparttar 145427 seafood restaurants or atrepparttar 145428 open air fish market on Stearn's Wharf or shop atrepparttar 145429 Paseo Nuevo Shopping Mall.

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