Discover How To Rank No. 1 on Yahoo And Google Without Spending A Dime

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

Yes friends I finally made it!

Go to or and type `viral ebooks` inrepparttar search box. Out of 5940 results my site is at No.1, Similarly,

- For `customizable viral ebooks` it is no. 1;

- For `customizable ebooks with resell rights` it is No.2;

- For `free customizable ebooks` it is No. 4 on Yahoo;

- For `customizable ebooks` one of my articles published on another site comes in No.5, my own site is at No. 11;

- And forrepparttar 128164 very popular search term `resell rights` out of 99400 results, my site is at No.279 on Yahoo (I have noticed traffic coming even from my 279 position!) Thoughrepparttar 128165 full impact is yet to be seen. It happened without spending a single dime- in fact without any conscious plan on my part. The power ofrepparttar 128166 sub-conscious perhaps? For your benefit I am revealingrepparttar 128167 exact steps I took and you can to. Just keep in mind this is not a magic potion. Don’t look for overnight results: 1. Your Keywords – You may re-read my articles on keywords available at: thoughrepparttar 128168 bare essentials are:

- Select descriptive keywords for example I went for `viral ebooks` instead of just ebooks;

- Use your main keyword as your page title – ierepparttar 128169 name with which you save your page on your html editor – if you are using MS Front Page, or insertrepparttar 128170 title in your meta tags;

- Use your main keywords in your headings;

- Write a descriptive text using a sensible sprinkling of your keywords.

2. To submit my site to allrepparttar 128171 major search engines,


Written by David Callan

Articles: Search Engines/ Yahoo Guide Getting listed on Yahoo should be without doubtrepparttar most important mission on any Internet marketers mind.

Yahoo isrepparttar 128163 biggest of allrepparttar 128164 search engines, well actually that's not true, you see Yahoo is not technically a search ENGINE it is a human compiled directory of websites and does not have a spider bot going to sites and indexing them. But forrepparttar 128165 sake of this article when I say search engines I am referring to all 'search sites'.

Anyway as I was saying Yahoo isrepparttar 128166 biggest of allrepparttar 128167 search engines, did you know that recent estimates show that Yahoo is currently capturing an amazing 40% of all search engine traffic online? Do you know what this means? That means that almost 1 out of every 2 people that do searches onrepparttar 128168 Internet use Yahoo, everyone onrepparttar 128169 Internet has done searches some time or another.

Nothing inrepparttar 128170 world should be clearer to anyone with a website whose just after readingrepparttar 128171 above figures - you need your site listed in Yahoo. A.S.A.P.

RECAP If your site is not listed inrepparttar 128172 YAHOO INDEX, (note - being listed under webpages does not mean you are listed in Yahoo, it in fact means you are listed with Google because Yahoo gets webpage results from google) you are losing lots of potential customers to competitors that are listed in Yahoo. And withrepparttar 128173 amount of visitors Yahoo can send you even with an average listing this could amount to hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars worth of lost profit.

Now you know how important it is, lets get on torepparttar 128174 good stuff, how to submit to Yahoo.

Well first you have to determinerepparttar 128175 scope of your site. Is your site commercial or noncommercial? Commercial sites that want to be listed by Yahoo now must use "Business Express" when submitting. This used to cost $199, howeverrepparttar 128176 price has risen to $299 a year.

"Business Express" what is it? Good question and one that many people ask, well it's basicallyrepparttar 128177 same as free submit except that with business express your site is guaranteed to be reviewed within a weeks time. However please be aware that it does not guarantee that your site will be accepted and added torepparttar 128178 Yahoo index. If your site is rejected Yahoo will allow you to appeal for free within a certain time scale (usually 30 days) of being informed of your rejection. Also Yahoo staff usually include in your rejectionrepparttar 128179 reason you have been rejected, you should examine these reasons fix any problems and resubmit after a week or so.

If your site is a noncommercial site, you will still be able to submit for free, but a review could take as long as 8 weeks or might never happen at all.

Before you submit make sure your site is 100% ready, under construction pages need not apply to Yahoo because they are not going to get in. Your site should be aesthetically pleasing torepparttar 128180 reviewer, be quick loading and of course should has lots of content.

OK lets get started. How does Yahoo return results? Well search results on Yahoo are determined by words that appear within these four areas:

1) category, 2) title, 3) description, and 4) URL. These sites are then sorted by relevance using an automated algorithm.

I will now go through these four different factors and how to optimize you submittal for each one

First up category selection, many people don't realize this but when someone searches for a term(s) on Yahoo its algorithm searches throughrepparttar 128181 category name also, for example visit and you will seerepparttar 128182 results for a search done on 'Internet marketing articles'. You will see under each listing that these words are highlighted if they are inrepparttar 128183 name ofrepparttar 128184 category,repparttar 128185 top listing hasrepparttar 128186 most occurrences of these words between its title, description, URL and words inrepparttar 128187 category its in.

You should remember this when submitting to your category, when trying to establish what category you are going to submit to you should do a search for one or two of your keywords and see what categories come up. But which of these categories do you submit to?

Since most referrals to sites from Yahoo come fromrepparttar 128188 search results and not from people visiting certain categories, it is wise and best (in most occasions (I'll tell you why in a bit)) to submit to a very specific category with lots of keywords inrepparttar 128189 category name. To see this strategy in practice revisitrepparttar 128190 results page for 'Internet marketing articles' on notice thatrepparttar 128191 top ranked site is in a category with lots of keywords, these are: Internet, Business, Advertising and Web, these combined with various keywords inrepparttar 128192 title, description and URL combine to give this site a pretty good chance at ranking well on a few good keywords and phrases. Therefore category names are just like having more titles and descriptions. Note - if you are a regional operation try to pick a category withrepparttar 128193 name of your state or province in it. This will help you get targeted visitors from Yahoo.

Remember I said in most occasions a little higher uprepparttar 128194 page, well here's why it's notrepparttar 128195 best policy in all occasions. Imagine if your business name or official website name began with an A or any other alphabetically high character and someone goes into a general high - level category and there you are listed inrepparttar 128196 top few, you could receive lots of traffic from your category listing like this.

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