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In order to learn how to quilt you must first understand how a quilt is made.

Basically a quilt is a sandwich that consists of three layers. The top ofrepparttar quilt is a decorative layer created from small fabric pieces or 'patches' sewn together in a creative and artistic manner.

The second layer isrepparttar 116199 batting. Batting is a cozy thermal layer of matted cotton, wool, polyester or silk fibers that giverepparttar 116200 quilt warmth and volume.

The third layer isrepparttar 116201 backing that is made from one continuous piece of fabric.

Quilting isrepparttar 116202 stitching which holdsrepparttar 116203 three layers ofrepparttar 116204 quilt 'sandwich' together while forming a decorative design. Quilting can be done either by hand or machine.

The three layers are held together in one of three ways...

The oldest method is hand quilting. This is perhapsrepparttar 116205 most labor intensive choice for those just learning how to make a quilt. Hand quilting is usually done in a quilting 'hoop' or on a quilting 'frame' using special needles, called 'betweens', and quilting thread.

The easiest method is machine quilting. Machine quilting involvesrepparttar 116206 use of a sewing machine to stitchrepparttar 116207 layers ofrepparttar 116208 fabric sandwich together.

The third method is called tying which involves using evenly spaced knots or bows to holdrepparttar 116209 layers together at wider intervals than quilting. Done by hand or machine, this method makes a generous, puffy quilt called a comforter.

Those learning how to make a quilt should be familiar withrepparttar 116210 term piecing or patchwork as it is sometimes called. This is an exacting method of sewing small pieces of fabric ('patches') together to produce a decorative pattern or 'block'. This can be done either by hand or with a sewing machine.

Another important definition to know while learning how to quilt is ofrepparttar 116211 term appliqué. Applique isrepparttar 116212 method of applying fabric shapes (called 'patches') by hand, onto a fabric background. Applique are grouped together to produce a decorative pattern or 'block'. If you are using a sewing machine, appliqué, fabric shapes are usually cut intorepparttar 116213 desired shape without seam allowances. The shapes are then fused torepparttar 116214 background with heat-activated fusible web. They are usually sewn onrepparttar 116215 quilt using a close zigzag stitch called a 'satin stitch'. This method is particularly suited to intricate 'pictorial' appliqué that attempts to reproduce a stylized or realistic story or picture.


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You may have joinedrepparttar photo-sharing craze to share your family vacation photos, but have you thought about other uses for photo sharing?

Here are just a few ideas:

Scrapbooking: Show off your creative projects. You can design scrapbook pages and enhance them with clipart using software like Paint Shop Photo Album or FotoFinish and then upload them to a photo sharing site for everyone to enjoy.

Hobbies: Perhaps you belong to a cross-stitching club orrepparttar 116198 other end ofrepparttar 116199 spectrum, a motorcycle or classic car club. You can share your best cross-stitch projects or pictures of you with your Harley or ’57 Chevy with other club members.

Class Reunions: What better way to share reunion photos with former class members acrossrepparttar 116200 miles than in an online photo album, so all can view and reminisce.

Arts and Crafts Portfolio: Do you design jewelry, paint or make woodcarvings or other crafts to sell? A digital photo gallery is a great way to show off your pieces, and you can add your own captions, prices, etc.

Genealogy: If you are in charge of recording your family’s history, organize old family photos in a digital album to share with distant family members. Chances are, old photos will need some repair for cracks, fading, spots, etc. You can easily repair photos yourself using photo software like Photoshop Elements or Paint Shop Pro.

School Events: Create an online album for pictures of football or basketball games, proms, graduation parties and other school events to share with classmates.

Weddings: You can design an elegant photo album and let those who couldn’t attendrepparttar 116201 wedding seerepparttar 116202 bride walk downrepparttar 116203 aisle and “virtually” experiencerepparttar 116204 conga line atrepparttar 116205 reception. Weddings were made for photo sharing!

Rubber Stamping Designs: A photo gallery of your rubber stamp creations is a great way to showcase them for fellow stamp artists.

Okay, you getrepparttar 116206 picture. Use your imagination and you’ll find dozens of opportunities for sharing your photos.

PHOTO SHARING SITES AND SOFTWARE The next step is how do you do it? That’s easy too. Withrepparttar 116207 digital camera craze comes a proliferation of photo sharing sites and software. The top sites include Ofoto, Shutterfly and Snapfish, which give you simple, free software so you can make basic edits such as adjustrepparttar 116208 contrast, crop and remove red-eye. You can quickly upload your images to their website and put photos in different albums, namerepparttar 116209 albums and add captions. Then you just email your friendsrepparttar 116210 link to your album. The good news is it’s free;repparttar 116211 down side is that some sites limitrepparttar 116212 number of photos you can share. These sites, of course, will also print your photos for as little as 22 cents each and mail them to you; those who view your albums can also order prints.

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