Discover 7 Powerful Ways To Grab Free Advertising

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

Make a search on MSN forrepparttar word "directories" and it turns up a list over 27261 long - and some ofrepparttar 101011 excellent submission list sites are not even listed here. Now come on do your math...If you could get your site mentioned in just 1000 of these directories and you get only 1 visitor from just 50% of these sites everyday...Hey you have 500 free targeted visitors everyday!

Imagine what this could mean for your sales and cash flow. Yes...this could be somewhat time consuming but is well worthrepparttar 101012 effort. For you will not only harnessrepparttar 101013 raw power of directories but also your link popularity will increase. This may result in a better positioning of your site inrepparttar 101014 search engines and even more traffic.

Did I mention in one of my previous articles that there are so many simple yet really surefire ways of getting guaranteed targeted traffic to your website? To get you started here is a list of 7 distinct directory categories:

1. Add your site torepparttar 101015 DMOZ open directory and it will ultimately appear on partner sites which userepparttar 101016 open directory data Google, Hotbot, AOL, DirectHit etc...And getting into some of these sites might just give you a strong nudge in to Yahoo itself.

2. E-book directories

3. Ezine directories

Advertising Dilemma: Try Junk and Chunk

Written by Raymond Johnston Jr

Time management is a very difficult task. Trying to figure out how much time to put into each part of your marketing is very hard and even more so for those of you just starting out.

In my last article "Educate Your Way to Success", we discussed how difficult it is to succeed without educating yourself.

( You can find that article at: )

Today, we are going to take a look at how important advertising is for your business and how much time you should be spending to give yourepparttar greatest chance at success.

The need to advertise will never cease but once you have been in business for a while,repparttar 101010 amount of time you spend will probably decrease. I could go into a lot of reasons butrepparttar 101011 bottom line isrepparttar 101012 longer you are in business,repparttar 101013 more traffic you will get without as much effort.

So what are some good ways to spend your time advertising?

Most people just starting out are on a very limited budget, so we will look at some ofrepparttar 101014 less costly ways to advertise.

First you can look at some ofrepparttar 101015 ezines that allow free advertisements. Many allow you to advertise once a month or even once a week.

There are a number of ezine directories that can help you find some of these ezines. Here is my favorite, simply because they make it very easy to findrepparttar 101016 information your are looking for.

There are many more and you can find a more complete list at

Another way to generate some traffic to your site is by start page and surfing sites. These can provide anywhere from a small amount of traffic to a whole lot of traffic.

Most of these program will give you some hits for signing up. You can also earn more traffic by surfing other websites. The best way to earn traffic here, is to build a downline of people. You get a percentage ofrepparttar 101017 hits they generate and you have to do absolutely nothing.

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