Dirt Cheap Free Advertising...

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

There are so many simple yet extremely powerful marketing tactics that are grossly under utilized. It`s a wonder why every website owner is totally overwhelmed by internet marketing - specifically attracting a targeted traffic jam.

One such high impact and grossly under utilized marketing tactic which can be implemented...

- At very little or no cost - almost free. - Can be set on autopilot and forgotten. - Spreads like an internet virus. - Has an unlimited scope for expansion. - 70% of traffic generated is extremely high quality and totally targeted. - Can be classified as your strongest marketing angle yet.

"Have you guessed it?". Yes...

...Harnessrepparttar tremendous raw potential of Customizable Viral E-books.

- You can customize these e-books and use them as your e-business card or promotional material.

- You can use them as a free gift to encourage signups to your mailing list.

Discover 7 Powerful Ways To Grab Free Advertising

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

Make a search on MSN forrepparttar word "directories" and it turns up a list over 27261 long - and some ofrepparttar 101011 excellent submission list sites are not even listed here. Now come on do your math...If you could get your site mentioned in just 1000 of these directories and you get only 1 visitor from just 50% of these sites everyday...Hey you have 500 free targeted visitors everyday!

Imagine what this could mean for your sales and cash flow. Yes...this could be somewhat time consuming but is well worthrepparttar 101012 effort. For you will not only harnessrepparttar 101013 raw power of directories but also your link popularity will increase. This may result in a better positioning of your site inrepparttar 101014 search engines and even more traffic.

Did I mention in one of my previous articles that there are so many simple yet really surefire ways of getting guaranteed targeted traffic to your website? To get you started here is a list of 7 distinct directory categories:

1. Add your site torepparttar 101015 DMOZ open directory and it will ultimately appear on partner sites which userepparttar 101016 open directory data Google, Hotbot, AOL, DirectHit etc...And getting into some of these sites might just give you a strong nudge in to Yahoo itself. http://dmoz.org/add.html

2. E-book directories

http://www.free-ebooks.net/ http://www.ebooksnbytes.com/ http://www.jogena.com/ebookdir/ebookform.htm http://ebooks.searchking.com/ http://www.ebooksubmit.com/ http://www.ebookdirectory.com/ http://makingprofit.com/mp/ebooks/directory.shtml

3. Ezine directories

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