Dirt Bike Crashes

Written by Andrew Green

If youíre considering dirt bike racing as a hobby there is one thing that you are definitely going to have to prepare yourself for and thatís dirt bike crashes. I donít think thereís a single dirt biker out there who hasnít been involved in a crash of one sort or another. The nature ofrepparttar sport means they are inevitable and when it happens thereís a good chance it is going to hurt.

Wearingrepparttar 149002 proper safety gear wonít prevent you from crashing your bike, but it may well prevent serious injury. The helmet is probablyrepparttar 149003 most obvious because it stops a glance torepparttar 149004 head from becoming a full-blown head trauma. They really do save lives on a regular basis and riding without one isnít just foolish, itís suicidal.

Proper boots, jerseys and trousers will protectrepparttar 149005 majority ofrepparttar 149006 rest of your body from serious injury in most cases and gloves will protect your hands. Never be tempted to ride withoutrepparttar 149007 full quota of protective gear.

Crashes will happen most often when you are still an inexperienced rider. Makingrepparttar 149008 wrong decision, turning late or taking a jump badly will inevitably lead to ground time for you and your bike but it doesnít have to hurt that much and it definitely shouldnít stop you taking part and having fun. Everyone who sits on a dirt bike knowsrepparttar 149009 risks of crashing but thatís whererepparttar 149010 adrenalin comes into it.

Make a dried flower wall decoration

Written by Janice Wee

Fancy a dried flower wall hanging?

I used to make those years ago. For this, you need

  • a paper bowl or plastic bowl that you can cut easily with a pair of scissors.
  • Florist foam
  • 2 sheets of very thick cardboard eachrepparttar size ofrepparttar 148960 frame you want
  • Glue that can stick torepparttar 148961 foam andrepparttar 148962 bowl andrepparttar 148963 cardboard.
  • Dried flowers
  • Paint
  • Very strong thick string or fishing line to hangrepparttar 148964 wall hanging.

Now cutrepparttar 148965 bowl in half.

Plan out your frame. What shape do you want it to be?

It has to be substantially larger than that half bowl as you need to make room forrepparttar 148966 frame.

Cut both sheets of cardboard intorepparttar 148967 shape of your chosen frame

1 sheet would berepparttar 148968 backing inside,repparttar 148969 other would be justrepparttar 148970 frame.

Make 2 holes inrepparttar 148971 backing that would be hidden behindrepparttar 148972 frame. Tierepparttar 148973 string through both holds onrepparttar 148974 outer side ofrepparttar 148975 backing. This will be used to hangrepparttar 148976 final dried flower wall hanging.

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