Directories & Google

Written by Clare Lawrence

Directories & Google By Clare Lawrence 15th August 2004

Can listings in directories help my rank on Google?

Googlerepparttar leading search engine considers several actors in its ranking algorithm, firstly it considersrepparttar 128111 text content of a sites web pages and decides what theme it belongs to.

Next it looks atrepparttar 128112 number of links inbound to each page, particularly important are links from related themed web pages.

So a web page about domain names, usingrepparttar 128113 key phrase domain name registration with lots of links inbound from related sites such as other domain registration will do well.

A sites content rank will depend on its rating compared to other competitive websites. Greater relevancy and linkage brining a better ranking.

Conquering the search engines

Written by Clare Lawrence

Conqueringrepparttar search engines By Clare Lawrence 18th August 2004

Search engines can take one of several forms. Firstly there arerepparttar 128110 pure search engines such as Google (the leading search engine), which send out spiders or robots to scan web pages.

Next there arerepparttar 128111 meta search engines such as dogpile, which combine search engine results from multiple search engines.

Then there arerepparttar 128112 directories, typically these have some search characteristics ofrepparttar 128113 pure search engines, but require websites to be manually submitted and reviewed before inclusion.

Directories often have human editors.

How do I get a good ranking in search engines? I am asked this a lot!

The key factors:-

1) Good content must come first. If your site is an authority on a subject it will do well.

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