Direct Talk On What Produces Sales

Written by Joe Bingham

I am now going to speak frankly and directly about what it takes to make money in an Internet business. Traditionally, that is not done, but I've pretty much had it with some ofrepparttar 'traditions' of online business. Many times during my first months onrepparttar 127451 Internet, I started to doubt whether I would ever make any money at it. Every time I felt I was doing something that should get results, I'd learn another hard lesson about why what I was doing was NOT working. It took about 4 months before I saw my first dollars, and even then they came few and far between. It took until my 7th month online before I actually turned a profit forrepparttar 127452 month. Since, I've maintained a profitable business. Still, I have further goals to achieve before reachingrepparttar 127453 kind of money we all dream of making. However, looking back now I can see just how much I have grown and learned. I was so stupid in my early days. It's no wonder I got little sales. Looking back at what I was offering, I wouldn't buy from me either! I don't claim to be a 'guru' yet by any means, but I do now know a definite truth aboutrepparttar 127454 wayrepparttar 127455 Internet works. To make money, especially consistent money with repeat buyers, you must have a UNIQUE WORTH. You have to offer what no one else offers or offer a similar but BETTER product or service than what others offer. That sounds oversimplified perhaps, but think about it. When you make a purchase, you want to KNOW you are gettingrepparttar 127456 best available, or at leastrepparttar 127457 best available forrepparttar 127458 price. That's how you treat other businesses because that's how you have always treated other businesses. You DEMAND a good product or service for a good price, AND you like to get it from where you know you can REGULARLY findrepparttar 127459 best product or service for a good price. That'srepparttar 127460 way you are as a consumer. That'srepparttar 127461 way ALL consumers are. So, just because you got onrepparttar 127462 Internet and heard promises of huge, instant riches, do you really think your business is going to be treated any differently? No! You are just another business in an over crowded setting where regular consumers will blow right by you in search of something familiar with a good product at a good price. UNLESS, you take hold of your business, PERSONALIZE it to stand out amongrepparttar 127463 crowd, add extra features, group other

One Short Story, Three Very Important Lessons

Written by Joe Chapuis

I buy a lot of books online. So many, in fact, that I built my own website ( which searchesrepparttar big online stores and locatesrepparttar 127450 best prices for me. It's nothing fancy, but it doesrepparttar 127451 trick.

The other day, I received an inquiry from someone representing another online book retailer, requesting that I add their store to my roster. So I checked them out.

My first impression was, "Ah, yes, I remember them". I had been there before but had departed after several seconds, without venturing pastrepparttar 127452 home page. I couldn't remember why. I investigated, and here's what I discovered this time:

Onrepparttar 127453 top left, there's a button that says "Save on Christian Books, Music, and Bibles". The top right says something about "Desecration". I also noticedrepparttar 127454 word "FaithPoint" mentioned a few times.

After a quick view ofrepparttar 127455 site I jumped to this conclusion: It's a bookstore specializing in Christian books and religious products. Perfect, if only I had a hankering for, let's say, an audio version ofrepparttar 127456 Bible on CD.

But, upon further investigation, I discovered something fantastic:

They actually had a great inventory of all kinds of books - not just religious titles. New books, used books, and hard-to-find books. (Who would have known? Why did they hide it? Did they even KNOW they were hiding it?) But, here'srepparttar 127457 kicker...

Every title I searched was at least 10% cheaper than could be found at (you getrepparttar 127458 extra discount when you purchase a $5 membership - but I think it's worth it.) In addition, they had titles I had previously searched at Amazon, but couldn't find. They even offered something I have yet to see online:repparttar 127459 ability to order individual issues of magazines (not just subscriptions).

I decided to go shopping.

After filling up my cart with five magazines and a wee tiny book, I was a bit surprised to seerepparttar 127460 total price considerably higher than I expected. When I got torepparttar 127461 bottom ofrepparttar 127462 list, I sawrepparttar 127463 shipping charge for UPS ground service (3-7 business days - ugh) was almost ten bucks ($3.25 plus $.99 per item). For what? A few magazines and a book? These items would probably fit in a USPS flat rate envelope for three and change.

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