Direct Selling in Today's Tough Markets

Written by Terry Edwards

Interviewer - Jan Howard

[Jan] Terry, I know that you have some very strong views on repparttar need for salespeople to modify their sales techniques to cope with a changing market. How would you summarise this?

[Terry] OK Jan, first let me ask you one quick question and then I'll give you an answer. Can you think of anything at all that hasn't changed a lot inrepparttar 127259 last 10 years or so?

[J] No, I can't.

[T] Right! My first point is that selling has changed a lot as well. And yet, many sellers seem to refuse to accept this. They plod on with selling techniques that they were taught 5, 10 or even 20 years ago. They are so "off-beam" with what they are doing, that it's no wonder that their results have continued to decline. Of course, many will justify this decline by reasoning that there's more competition,repparttar 127260 economy is in poor shape etc

Smokescreen excuses for sure -repparttar 127261 problem lies very squarely withrepparttar 127262 seller and his way of selling ie his methodology. He must change to adapt torepparttar 127263 changes inrepparttar 127264 market and repparttar 127265 changes inrepparttar 127266 buyers. He must realise that, for many direct sales businesses,repparttar 127267 market has changed dramatically inrepparttar 127268 last few years, let alonerepparttar 127269 last 10 or 20! Mr Prospect is now very well informed. He has "Watchdog" and "Salesmen from Hell" type programmes onrepparttar 127270 TV. He has consumer reports from magazines such as "Which?" and he has built up an armoury of information provided by trade journals,repparttar 127271 internet and his friends and neighbours.

[J] Are you implying that it's changed forrepparttar 127272 worse?

[T] No, but I'm saying that Mr Prospect is a changed man. He will eat salespeople alive given half a chance. Long gone arerepparttar 127273 days ofrepparttar 127274 tough sellers taking candy from a baby. Today's buyers have teeth!

And it's these teeth which have scared many a salesperson and nudged them into giving up and returning to a regular 9 to 5 withoutrepparttar 127275 stress they were getting inrepparttar 127276 sales arena. In fact, around 60% of those who take on a direct sales position will quit within 6 months!

[J] So, is direct selling today still a worthwhile career?

[T] That's a 100% YES. For sure it's a tough job and is not for those who freak out when they hearrepparttar 127277 word "No". But, it's a wonderful career with very high rewards for those who get their act together.

[J] You've said thatrepparttar 127278 buyers today are now much tougher and much more informed - so what is it that stopsrepparttar 127279 seller being better informed and tougher?

[T] Nothing at all! Butrepparttar 127280 problem is that many still expect to carry on withrepparttar 127281 knowledge bank of 10 years ago, with old hat techniques and a tendency to work with crossed fingers!

[J] What is it that gives salespeoplerepparttar 127282 most problems?

[T] The part ofrepparttar 127283 sales process that createsrepparttar 127284 most problems isrepparttar 127285 "close" -repparttar 127286 bit whererepparttar 127287 seller says "OK, let's get this going Mr Buyer" and Mr Buyer tries to wriggle away from making a decision! It's eyeball to eyeball psychological warfare. The seller must getrepparttar 127288 order to earn his commission. The buyer wants to be 200% sure he's doingrepparttar 127289 right thing.....

[J] But, surely closing has always been a problem area for most sellers?

[T] That's true, but what I'm saying is that 10 years ago you might have gotten away with sloppy technique, but today you just cannot. In fact, most folk who've leftrepparttar 127290 direct sales arena, would invariably tell you thatrepparttar 127291 actual job was fine,repparttar 127292 product was great,repparttar 127293 company was marvellous but they just couldn't get on with THE CLOSE! That horrible little monster that consumes salespeople!

[J] Do salespeople actually admit this to you?

[T] Too right! If I've heard this tale once, I've heard it a thousand times!

[J] Are you layingrepparttar 127294 blame atrepparttar 127295 foot ofrepparttar 127296 seller?

[T] Not really. Many times it's not his fault. He may have been trained by his well-meaning sales manager who was trained by his sales manager who was trained by his sales manager, and so on.... You could be talking of technique and methodology that's 30 years old here! Andrepparttar 127297 poor seller is sent out inrepparttar 127298 tough markets of today and told "Go for it!"

How To Double, Even Triple Your Sales Instantly

Written by Grady Smith

Everyone from pizza chains to video stores have usedrepparttar principals of positioning to explode their business. And now, you too can use this strategy -- regardless ofrepparttar 127258 size of your business -- to catapult sales.

Rememberrepparttar 127259 pizza chain that had franchises cropping up like weeds because they offered to have a pie at your door in 30 minutes or less? Thatísrepparttar 127260 power of positioning, andrepparttar 127261 reason this pizza chain experienced such fast growth. And in a moment Iím going to detail how you can use positioning to sell more of your product.

But first I want you to understand what positioning isÖ

Positioning is looking at your competition and deciding how youíre different than them. Itís finding one strong benefit that your product has thatís not available anywhere else and that your prospects will view as something desirable.

Takerepparttar 127262 pizza franchiseÖ

When people are hungry, they donít want to wait to get their food. Sure, they might likerepparttar 127263 corner pizza shop that makes a great pie, but if theyíre really hungry they might not want to wait 45 minutes to an hour.

So in walks a pizza chain that guarantees theyíll get you your pizza in 30 minutes or less or you donít pay. Business explodes.

And take a look atrepparttar 127264 video chain that offers guaranteed available rentals. Instead of heading down torepparttar 127265 corner video store on a busy Friday night prayingrepparttar 127266 movie you want will be available, you can drive torepparttar 127267 place where you know itís going to be ready for you to rent.

The question is, if youíre really hungry, or want to assure youíre gettingrepparttar 127268 movie you want, where will you go?

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