Direct Mail Marketing Now As Easy As Email

Written by By Michael Lemm FreedomFire Communications

Isrepparttar United States Postal Service (USPS) a marketing innovator? As it turns out,repparttar 105182 kind folks inrepparttar 105183 blue shorts are in fact making it easy for evenrepparttar 105184 smallest business to duke it out with their biggest competitors by usingrepparttar 105185 USPS “mailing online (MOL)” direct mail service - check it out at

With MOL, you can escaperepparttar 105186 dreary part of direct mail marketing -repparttar 105187 printing,repparttar 105188 stuffing,repparttar 105189 stamps, etc. MOL users simply create a document, upload it torepparttar 105190 MOL website with their mailing list and credit card information, and press “go”. Within 48 hours,repparttar 105191 members of your mailing list are receivingrepparttar 105192 marketing message in their postal mailboxes.

Speed & Price

The best two parts ofrepparttar 105193 MOL service arerepparttar 105194 speed andrepparttar 105195 price. Jobs uploaded early inrepparttar 105196 business day can be printed and postmarkedrepparttar 105197 following day. The per piece cost is not much more thanrepparttar 105198 price of a single stamp since even MOL jobs sent First Class get a “presorted” USPS discount.

A 4.24 by 6 inch postcard can be printed and mailed First Class for just 24 cents. A one and two-thirds page business letter or brochure can be sent “envelope free” (the last third is needed forrepparttar 105199 address) for just 56 cents per piece. Andrepparttar 105200 minimum number of pieces you can send per job? One. That’s right, while other direct mail houses turn away customers with minimums under several thousand,repparttar 105201 USPS takes all customers and gives them all equally great service.

Before MOL you had to create your master document, drop it off atrepparttar 105202 printer, wait until it was done to figure postage, apply postage and addresses, and drop it off atrepparttar 105203 post office. This whole process could take you a whole month to finish. And if you’re say mailing fromrepparttar 105204 West Coast… it would be another week before East Coast recipients received their copy. With MOL your document is printed and dropped inrepparttar 105205 mail from several dozen USPS distribution points acrossrepparttar 105206 country…so everyone gets their document atrepparttar 105207 same time no matter where they live inrepparttar 105208 US.

As Easy As Typing An Email

MOL users don’t need to know anything more about document creation than how to type and save a document on their hard drive. Novice computer users can use their PC “Notepad” utility and saverepparttar 105209 document as a text (TXT) file. Most users will probably use Microsoft Word and create a slightly more appealing document. You may already have access to documents through your company that have a more professional appearance. You could also invest in a copy of Microsoft Publisher as it provides many templates to choose from and makes professional document creation a snap.


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