Direct Mail

Written by Christopher

Direct Mail

The web is a most versatile and often misused medium for direct marketing. In this email, I will share tips and techniques to makerepparttar web a major advertising tool for your sales and marketing efforts.

Do you have a website? A Web Newsletter? A mailing list of e-mail addresses for customers? Do you track and test everything? You can userepparttar 108218 web to get sales in lots of exciting ways which are dependant on technology thatís available atrepparttar 108219 time.

Almost everyone is just too busy running their businesses to takerepparttar 108220 time or to give advertising much thought. This is just crazy.

Whether you budget is £600 or £6000, I can show you how itís done effectively time after time after time!

So here's what I do when I start working with clients and I would like to offer it to you as a gift now. Have a look at this list of ten great ways of marketing. I guarantee, that nearly all web site owners will not have every one of these simple methods in place right now.

Please pick at least two that you're either not doing, or not doing that well - and MAKE A DECISION to add them to your marketing mix inrepparttar 108221 weeks ahead:

Direct Mail Internet Marketing Email Marketing Advertising Telephone Marketing Direct Sales Strategic Alliances Referral Systems PR Additional Products/Services

We will tackle these in order

Direct Mail

Direct mail is often overused and badly done. Itís got a bad reputation overrepparttar 108222 years, mainly due to spammers, used instead ofrepparttar 108223 telephone or by con artists seeking their next victim.

There are a lot of myths and nonsense about mailings. You may want to print this out, because in my continuing efforts to help you reach success Ė I am about to sharerepparttar 108224 secrets of direct mail - Iíd be surprised ifrepparttar 108225 contents of this mail does not save you thousands of pounds overrepparttar 108226 next 12 months.

Byrepparttar 108227 way, if you are totally new to Direct Mail - ďItís anything sent by post, sales letters, electronic mail or brochures etcĒ

I want to dispel some things about DM to you. ďDirect Mail doesnít workĒ . This ingenious conclusion is arrived at byrepparttar 108228 fact that most people throw most ofrepparttar 108229 mail we get directly inrepparttar 108230 bin - thereforerepparttar 108231 thinking is that it's a waste of money. The truth is that 90 out of 100 people might throw your mailing inrepparttar 108232 bin, but if 5 people look at it, 5 more read it and one of those 5 buys from you - you may well have a highly profitable mailing.

Last week I sent 400 emails to potential clients, and got 37 replies. Thatís to say that 37 people actually read my mail, and I got exactly 9 new clients as a result.

Now what would happen if I doubled my mailings next week? I could expect from 800 mails, about 80 replies and maybe 20 sales!

And thatís easily doable byrepparttar 108233 way, because Iíve done it. But saying that, your mailing may not work Ė it depends on what you say, pricing of your product and some products may just not be suited to an email campaign. Itís very much a numbers game, but one thing is certain, email is free!

How to benefit by carrying out a responsible email marketing campaign

Written by Thomas wall

Spam seems to be increasing byrepparttar minute and this has become a major subject of concern for email marketers. Responsible email marketing isrepparttar 108217 only way by which organizations can make sure they are safe. This isrepparttar 108218 reason why responsible email marketing is consideredrepparttar 108219 future of email marketing. Discussed in this article arerepparttar 108220 different ways to carry out a responsible email campaign and how to benefit from it.

What is responsible email marketing?

A responsible email campaign involves carrying out email marketing by following certain guidelines, right from obtaining email lists to sending out mails. Permission based email marketing or opt-in email marketing can also be termed as responsible email marketing but not to that extent.

Permission based email marketing Vs Responsible email marketing

Permission based email marketing asrepparttar 108221 name suggests involves taking permission fromrepparttar 108222 recipients ofrepparttar 108223 e-mail before sending them any mails. But there are some basic points to be followed for a permission based email marketing campaign to be termed as responsible email marketing. The following points illustrate as to what permission based email marketing should involve to be considered as responsible email marketing.

Permission based email marketing should involve

1.) Obtaining email addresses by legitimate means like opt-ins 2.) Sending emails with a functional opt-out box 3.) Handing un-subscription requests at-least on a weekly basis 4.) Providing valid contact information and proper signatures with every mail 5.) Sending mails following a specific frequency at all times

Permission based email marketing should not involve

1.) Collecting email lists from email vendors or by using email software programs 2.) Sending mails with porn (without clearly stating so) or potentially damaging materials 3.) Sending emails with false headers that may create obstacles in trackingrepparttar 108224 mail 4.) Sending emails with false IP addresses 5.) Sending mails that do not have a reverse DNS lookup withrepparttar 108225 domain name 6.) Sending emails with misleading subject lines and mail content 7.) Sending mails from a computer that you do not have access to use

So only in-caserepparttar 108226 permission based or opt-in email marketing has these qualities can it be considered as responsible email marketing.

How to collect email lists to carry out responsible email marketing?

Getting email lists from email vendors is an easy thing to do, but is not recommended inrepparttar 108227 least. The best way to collect email addresses is by providing opt-in boxes on your websites, advertising in related ezines, websites, forums and blogs. Given below are nine points that you got to bear in mind while getting email lists using opt-in boxes.

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