Digital zoom versus optical zoom

Written by Jakob Jelling

By Jakob Jelling

The digital camera is but a technological advancement ofrepparttar conventional analog camera. And thus every component ofrepparttar 116164 analog camera must have been upgraded or changed to bring in some improvisations. This discussion is an effort to unravel alteration and make one comparison between what was and what is! This discussion is thereby focused upon a very critical component of a camera (analog as well as digital),repparttar 116165 zoom!

Before making a comparison it is important to discussrepparttar 116166 significance ofrepparttar 116167 subject matter, in this caserepparttar 116168 zoom. Well a zoom lens has more than a few portable glass components inside it. By adjusting these components,repparttar 116169 focal length ofrepparttar 116170 lens can be altered. Modifyingrepparttar 116171 focal length altersrepparttar 116172 view distance as well as reducesrepparttar 116173 field of view, thereby makingrepparttar 116174 projected image to appear larger.

It must me noted that bothrepparttar 116175 optical zoom andrepparttar 116176 digital zoom are components that are used to magnify an image, but they work in fundamentally different principles and acquiesces drastically different results. In general, optical zooms always produce a far finer and advanced image than digital zoom.

Looking atrepparttar 116177 functions of these zooms, in digital cameras that offer optical zooms functionrepparttar 116178 same way similar to a zoom lens of a conventional analog camera. A conventional lens works by accumulating light rays that are projected over a portion of a film, and in this case of a digital camera optical sensor. The distance ofrepparttar 116179 lens fromrepparttar 116180 focus point where all ofrepparttar 116181 light rays converge is known asrepparttar 116182 focal length ofrepparttar 116183 lens. Unlikerepparttar 116184 optical zoom,repparttar 116185 digital zoom works by rangingrepparttar 116186 pixels inrepparttar 116187 ultimate image afterrepparttar 116188 image has been captured. The fact remains thatrepparttar 116189 same number of pixels are collected whenrepparttar 116190 photograph is magnified. The only thing that alters isrepparttar 116191 light rays that are projected overrepparttar 116192 optical sensors to figure out those pixels.

Trivial Pursuit comes to the Mobile Phone

Written by Game Mobile

After millions and millions of copies ofrepparttar beloved Trivial Pursuit have been sold worldwide,repparttar 116163 game has now come to mobile devices with amazing success.


How big is your brain? How general is your knowledge? Takerepparttar 116164 authentic Trivial Pursuit? game with you on your mobile phone with Trivial Pursuit? Mobile Edition.

Trivial Pursuit? Mobile Edition features:

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