Digital SLR Camera versus a Compact Digital Camera.

Written by Virginia Wong

Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras are excellent cameras that produce clearer, sharper and more colourful images than most point and shoot digital cameras available. With prices falling rapidly, they are now more affordable then ever. Withrepparttar price gap between an entry model digital SLR camera andrepparttar 144724 most expensive compact digital camera narrowing;repparttar 144725 question is… do I spendrepparttar 144726 extra money and get a Digital SLR camera? or save a few hundred dollars and purchaserepparttar 144727 best digital compact camera. Well, it really depends on your budget; however if you do spendrepparttar 144728 extra money, here's what you get: In addition torepparttar 144729 price falls inrepparttar 144730 Digital SLR models,repparttar 144731 performance on these cameras has increased year on year withrepparttar 144732 latest Digital SLR cameras being quicker and faster than ever before. They have improved to such an extent that power up or start-up time is near instantaneous with virtually no lag time. “Lag time isrepparttar 144733 time between you pressingrepparttar 144734 shutter release button andrepparttar 144735 camera actually takingrepparttar 144736 shot”. This delay can vary quite a bit between different camera models and it is one ofrepparttar 144737 biggest drawbacks compared to a compact digital camera. The latest digital SLR cameras have virtually no lag times and react inrepparttar 144738 same way as conventional film cameras, even in burst mode. Compact digital cameras are catching up; howeverrepparttar 144739 difference is still significant. A lag time of ~0.5 seconds can result in you missingrepparttar 144740 heartbeat ofrepparttar 144741 moment and hence that potential great picture. Digital SLR camera also has a larger sensor versus a smaller sensor in a compact digital camera. This equates to higher sensitivity and less noise and results inrepparttar 144742 camera taking clearer pictures in low light. (They also have better autofocus speed in low light as well). A measure of sensitivity in a digital camera is ISO and a typical ISO range for a Digital SLR camera varies from ISO 100 – 1600 withrepparttar 144743 latter being more sensitive. The ISO range for a compact digital camera varies from ISO 50 – 400. In summary,repparttar 144744 higherrepparttar 144745 ISO rating,repparttar 144746 greaterrepparttar 144747 sensitivity andrepparttar 144748 betterrepparttar 144749 photo can be taken in low light.

Relieft from Sarbanes-Oxley on the way?

Written by Cale D. Hollingsworth

Do you have to fill out a day's worth of paperwork to makerepparttar most inane of changes at work? If so, this article may be for you..

Bringing a large or small enterprise into compliance withrepparttar 144632 new Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations is not cheap. However, perhaps it is more expensive than it needs to be. This may be due to over-reactions and misinterpretations ofrepparttar 144633 regulations, asrepparttar 144634 CNET article suggests.

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