Digital Picture Frames: The Wave of The Future

Written by Antigone Arthur

Digital Picture Frames: The Wave of The Future

What is a digital picture frame? Think of a digital picture frame as a slide show of sorts for your picture. Like a flat screen TV,repparttar digital picture frame is sleek, elegant and classy. You can buy a stand-alone reader that produces images from a memory card, or one connected to a phone line. The latter allows you to receive pictures sent from computers aroundrepparttar 145631 world.

Let's talk more about this modern innovation and how it may impact your life.

How A Digital Picture Frame Works

A digital picture frame, much like an ordinary picture frame, displays pictures. The difference however is this... a digital picture frame has an LCD screen. This screen can display many photos like a slideshow. Most digital picture frames connect torepparttar 145632 Internet or a computer using a phone line. They then download pictures and display them.

Unlike a traditional frame most digital units do not have a glass barrier separatingrepparttar 145633 picture fromrepparttar 145634 user. Digital picture frames usually are aboutrepparttar 145635 same size as a traditional photo frame. Some digital picture frames contain a memory card to store photos. If you use this type of frame you don't need to connect to a computer to display images.

Some digital picture frames work by having you upload your pictures to a Website. Thenrepparttar 145636 digital frame connects torepparttar 145637 sight and downloads your photos. New pictures show up on their own as this happens. You can adjustrepparttar 145638 setting on your digital picture frame to produce a slideshow of pictures. Most frames allow you to adjustrepparttar 145639 speed with which images change.

If you do log into a Web site you may need to buy a subscription service. These are generally cheap, ranging about $10 a month and up. The price is worth it. Some sites will allow you to upload pictures and news, sports and other information to your digital frame. You can even order prints online through companies like Kodak.

Digital Picture Frame Choices

You can select many features for your digital picture frame. Here are some considerations when buying:

  • Number of Pictures - Some frames allow you to display an unlimited number of pictures. Others have an internal memory that allows a defined number of images to be stored and displayed. If you want to store many pictures, you might consider a digital frame with a removable memory card. This will allow you to store more images.
  • Portability - Some frames are smaller than others. You may buy a digital picture frame that plugs into a wall, or one that runs off batteries. Obviously a battery powered digital frame is more portable than a plug-in.
  • Resolution and Size - The larger your digital picture frame,repparttar 145640 more expensive. Many display images 5x7 or smaller.

Fire Department - Know How To Fireproof Your Data Center

Written by Elizabeth Millard

Of allrepparttar cool technology in a data center, there’s one system that no one ever wants to use or even have tested:repparttar 145630 fire protection system. Of allrepparttar 145631 dangers to a bank of machines, smoke and flames rank right up there with flooding and natural disasters as a top concern for IT managers. Fortunately, there are ways to minimizerepparttar 145632 threat with careful planning and, especially,repparttar 145633 right products.

Must-Haves For those fortunate enough to be able to build a new data center, fire protection options abound. Thanks torepparttar 145634 increased importance of technology andrepparttar 145635 subsequent higher profile for data centers, architects and builders are more aware that these centers have special issues. That’s led torepparttar 145636 creation of more clean-agent fire suppression systems that use chemicals rather than water.

The systems work by breaking uprepparttar 145637 chemical reaction of fire. Each product employs this strategy in a slightly different way, but most targetrepparttar 145638 oxygen that fire uses to spread. With no oxygen molecules,repparttar 145639 fire essentially smothers, and equipment is safe because there’s no toxic residue or chemical damage withrepparttar 145640 tactic. Systems include Inergen, Sapphire, and ECARO-25.

When building a new center, planning on incorporating systems such as these is essential, says Peter Sacco, president of design firm PTS Data Center Solutions. “When you’re constructing a new center, you’re going to have to put in a different system thanrepparttar 145641 rest ofrepparttar 145642 building will have,” he notes. “Most likely, every other part ofrepparttar 145643 building will have sprinklers, so an IT manager will have to be involved inrepparttar 145644 planning to make sure that’s not automatically put intorepparttar 145645 data center, as well.”

One ofrepparttar 145646 newest fire suppression systems is aerosol-based, he adds, coming intorepparttar 145647 data center world fromrepparttar 145648 space industry. These systems, such as Aero-K, either deliver an oxygen-snuffing aerosol gas or use aerosol to propel other types of gas that hang inrepparttar 145649 atmosphere and basically wrap a protective blanket around systems. Although these aerosol-based systems are only just starting to be introduced in new center construction, Sacco believes they should be more widespread withinrepparttar 145650 next few years. (For more information on Aero-K, seerepparttar 145651 “The Coolest Thing: Aero-K” sidebar below.)

Buyer Beware If a company is relocating or colocating its data center, fire protection should already be in place, but Sacco warns that there should be special care taken when signingrepparttar 145652 lease on a place that has Halon 1301 as its fire suppression system.

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