DigitalPoint COOP Ad network

Written by David A. Saharkhiz

Link Popularity is important for any online business, and a powerful new text-link network has emerged onrepparttar radar, and best of all, it's free.

One ofrepparttar 119319 internet leaders in Search Engine Optimization and Webmaster Tools, DigitalPoint (PR7) has unveiled a powerful free opportunity for webmasters: a free advertising network. You can display text links or banner ads in return for having your website link shown across many ofrepparttar 119320 thousands of websites inrepparttar 119321 network.

The service is non-profit andrepparttar 119322 servers forrepparttar 119323 project have been funded by donation only. This service benefits all webmasters who join, but those with bigger and better websites will naturally get a larger slice ofrepparttar 119324 pie. Basically, you share advertisements with fellow webmasters and gain additional traffic.

Butrepparttar 119325 real beauty of this program isn'trepparttar 119326 free traffic!

The COOP Advertising Network uses stanadard text links, not javascript links, so when search engine bots visit a site with your advertisment in someone else's coop ads, you'll recieve a valid backlink for it! The largerrepparttar 119327 site,repparttar 119328 more you will be displayed acrossrepparttar 119329 entire network, andrepparttar 119330 backlink power ofrepparttar 119331 DigitalPoint COOP ad network has skyrocketed rankings in SERPS for many participants.

A Successful Link Exchange

Written by Michael McLaughlin

Interested in boosting your link popularity, raising your Google PR, and improvingrepparttar amount and quality of your traffic? Then discoverrepparttar 119318 ancient secrets of a successful link exchange!

The practice of effective link exchanges has nearly been extinguished byrepparttar 119319 extensive amount of spam email. I plan to help webmasters who are interested in real effective and professional link exchanges reach there goal.

What is going to make yourepparttar 119320 most amount of sales if you are trying to sell fishing equipment? A link from an outdoor hobby website or a link from a bubble gum corporation? I thinkrepparttar 119321 answer is straightforward,repparttar 119322 outdoor hobby website. The trick is to know your market and understand your customer. What age group would your customers be, and what other type of website would they look at if they were interested in your product?

Now, put yourself in your customer’s feet, what would you search for if you were interested in your product? Type that search phrase into a search engine now and look at what results come up. Disregardrepparttar 119323 competition and look atrepparttar 119324 other websites.

I suggest you rate these websites in your head onrepparttar 119325 following criteria: relevance, design, content, and navigation. I ordered them by how heavily you should consider them. I already discussed relevancy; because of course you want to bring customers to your website instead of click-happy people.

You may be asking yourself what a website’s design has to do with a link exchange. Well overrepparttar 119326 years I have noticed one trend, which is that websites with a very nice design tend to prevail faster than others. Know one wants to visit a website and have to wince to readrepparttar 119327 text. Content onrepparttar 119328 other hand is what bringsrepparttar 119329 readers. Content can substantially improverepparttar 119330 quality of your website becauserepparttar 119331 internet is about information and if you have what people are looking for they will find you! Notrepparttar 119332 other way around.

Content is king, how many times has that been said? And it still holds true, content is what get websites links back to them, which in turn raise a websites presence onrepparttar 119333 internet. So why not have a link from a content website, in opposition to just another website trying to sell something?

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