Dig a Hole, Bury Your Bones!

Written by Sean Wu

As you may have heard, "The Money is inrepparttar List." It has been a widely accepted fact that in order to be successful online, you've got to have your own opt-in mailing list.

Whilerepparttar 124252 subject of successfully building a mailing list has been widely covered and discussed, it is surprising that very few ever mention about how to protect your hard-earned list.

Anyone who has been building a responsive mailing list for sometime will definitely recognizerepparttar 124253 time and effort that must be sacrificed in order to obtain thousands of subscribers. For new list builders, sometimes getting a few hundred subscribers means weeks of late nights and consistent promotional efforts.

Why then, do I always hear news about successful list owners losing their entire subscriber base due to a crash onrepparttar 124254 servers hosting their lists?

Recently, I've heard news of a successful list builder who have been building his list for over 5 years that lost his entire 10,000+ subscriber base due to an unrecoverable crash onrepparttar 124255 server his list was hosted on.

Whilerepparttar 124256 idea of losing 10,000+ subscribers almost overnight sends a spine tingling shiver throughrepparttar 124257 backs of most list builders, I rarely observe list owners making constant efforts to backup their lists. In most cases, it is only when they've heard about other people's tragedy that they run out and utilizerepparttar 124258 "backup" function on their listservers.

A targeted, highly-responsive mailing list can berepparttar 124259 most valuable asset for anybody's online business. Hence, I would expect successful list owners to guard their lists like a dog guarding its bone.

7 Necessary Steps You Should Know When Building

Written by Nadeem

7 Necessary Steps You Should Know When Building A Newsletter Or Ezine

by Nadeem Qazalbash

I help my Subscribers in any way possible by listening to what they have to say and providing them with as much info as I can to help them build their Newsletter or Ezine and grow there Online Business Successfully.

You will learn Marketing ideas such as:

1. How to build More Subscribers to Your Newsletter/Ezine and why they will stay with you for years to come!

2. How to create red hot articles for your Newsletter each and every time you send Email to your Subscribers.

3. How to make more profits with your Newsletter and gain more creditability with your Subscribers each and every month!

4. Why it's important to own your own Ezine or Newsletter to be successful online and how to milk it for all its worth!

5. Learn why creating your own information products will be your best sellers and bring in more new Subscribers then any other advertising method!

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