Dieting and Exercising – Results all the time!

Written by Greg Ryan

To be successful in keeping to an exercise program, you going to have to define results. Results for most mean weight on a scale, a dress size,repparttar number of pounds on a bench press, and your waist size. I challenge you to think in abstracts. Results, allrepparttar 148467 time? Yes! It just may not come inrepparttar 148468 form you are looking for onrepparttar 148469 surface. You can breakrepparttar 148470 type of results into three categories: emotional, internal and external.


I believe more important than waistline measurements, personal bench press records or reading whateverrepparttar 148471 scale says, is what exercise does for you emotionally. For me, it was self-confidence and self- esteem. I will do this for life because I do not want to go back torepparttar 148472 person I once was. For you, it may be a feeling of being productive. Or because you are doing something for you and no one else.

Exercising for life – The magic is in the synergy!

Written by Greg Ryan

Synergy:repparttar working together of two or more things, people, or organizations, especially whenrepparttar 148466 result is greater thanrepparttar 148467 sum of their individual effects or capabilities

Momentum toward your goals is generated when all components of fitness are incorporated into your workout program.

•Heart-through cardiovascular workout •Skeletal muscle-through strength training •Joints-through flexibility exercises. •Good Nutrition-through balanced sensible eating.

Some exercise is better than no exercise; however, if your program is lopsided with one or two ofrepparttar 148468 same activities, you will not getrepparttar 148469 best results.


Having synergy in your exercise program is like turning a car as you are driving downrepparttar 148470 road. It’s much easier to turnrepparttar 148471 wheel whilerepparttar 148472 car is moving rather than when it is sitting in your driveway. Momentum allows you to steerrepparttar 148473 car, just as momentum allows you to continually progress in your workout program.

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