Diet and Fitness Ė Help from Your Hobbies

Written by Robb Ksiazek

Everybody battles with their weight from time to time. Itís either too much junk food or not enough exercise. In many cases it is a poor diet and no exercise. We go to work and sit behind a computer or a counter, and we sit. Then we get up for coffee, and then we sit. On and on, day after day. Itísrepparttar ritual that many people get used to. They are creatures of habit. Butrepparttar 151198 trend can be broken.

In many cases, folks just need to get out and about to enjoy life a little. As funny as it might sound, there are many hobbies that keep some people from being stagnant and growing fat. True fitness doesnít have to come fromrepparttar 151199 gym, there are plenty of fit people who simply watch their diet and do something everyday.

Golfing and Fitness

This isrepparttar 151200 one I struggled explaining to my wife. Then she bought some clubs and started coming along. Itís great exercise. Buyrepparttar 151201 backpack style straps for your bag or get a pull cart. Takerepparttar 151202 initiative to walkrepparttar 151203 course. Ifrepparttar 151204 weather is ninety five degrees and humid, ride a cart. Onrepparttar 151205 nice days, walk it. Itís not only good for your body, itís also good for your mind. The great outdoors has a lot to do with your happiness. And it doesnít hurt if you make a couple nice birdie putts.

Getting out a couple times a week to play either nine or eighteen will keep your blood flowing and challenge your thought process. Golf is a game for life, in more ways than one.

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Water Makes the Human Body Go Round

Written by Rachel Williamson

Water allowsrepparttar body to run smoothly and efficiently. A body that is dehydrated is like a car running on empty.

How much water do we need to drink each day? A good rule is to drink 8-12 glasses per day. If you are an athlete and sweat a lot, you may need more due to fluid loss.

Thirst is not always a good indicator ofrepparttar 151197 need for water. Byrepparttar 151198 time you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated. Try drinking a glass or two of water every morning. This rehydrates your body after a long period of sleep and wakes your body up.

How much water is too much water? Many endurance athletes experience a condition called hyponatremia, which occurs when large amounts of water are consumed, causing salt levels inrepparttar 151199 blood to fall to dangerous levels. If electrolytes are not replaced,repparttar 151200 condition can be life threatening. Athletes should make sure to balance high intake of water with appropriate salt intake or decreaserepparttar 151201 amount of water consumed.

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