Diet and Exercise – Without Going to the Gym

Written by Robb Ksiazek

Exercising and dieting are tasks that are very difficult for many of us, but usually justrepparttar thought of it that makes us queasy. There are some simple ways to get out and get fit, and you just might enjoy yourself too.

Some people like to get up and head torepparttar 149528 gym every morning, before most of us are even out of bed. We all know that even a little exercise will be good for us, but we just don’t haverepparttar 149529 time orrepparttar 149530 motivation. Gym memberships can be a very expensive cost.

Find ways to get fit, no matter how. A gym membership is notrepparttar 149531 answer for a lot of people, but that is no excuse for laziness. Exercise equipment is right under your nose; just find something that works for you.

  • Walking is still regarded as a fantastic way to exercise. Thirty to sixty minutes a day will get your blood pumping and metabolism moving. Walk aroundrepparttar 149532 neighborhood or find a city park.
  • Use a bicycle for transportation. Of course, many times this is not possible, but bike when you can. Eventually, you’ll push yourself to go farther distances. Don’t forget your helmet.
  • Pushups and sit-ups are still recommended by your gym teacher. They are easy exercises that you can do at home. There are plenty of add-on products that can increaserepparttar 149533 productivity ofrepparttar 149534 simple exercises. Incorporate free weights as you do you sit-ups. Remember those crunches?

Why Core is Key

Written by Lea Woodward

Do you currently suffer or have you ever suffered from any ofrepparttar following: Lower back pain, frequent hamstring injuries, a twisted knee or a pulled shoulder?

Have you ever considered that it may not be justrepparttar 149527 fact that you slipped and twisted something or your back simply 'goes'? It could be you need to strengthen your core…

Core training is a buzzword inrepparttar 149528 fitness industry that’s been around for a while now. The measure of its popularity can be seen inrepparttar 149529 increased use of stability balls or Swiss in gyms, books, classes & videos andrepparttar 149530 fact that big name clothing stores are even selling stability balls alongside underwear and belts!

But in order to train something correctly we must understand exactly what it is we are training. Your core is a group of muscles that help with pretty much every movement your body makes. In physiological terms,repparttar 149531 core includesrepparttar 149532 abdominal musculature (transversus abdominis; rectus abdominis; internal & external obliques), hip flexor & pelvic floor muscles andrepparttar 149533 spinal musculature – predominantly your lower back muscles (lumbar erectors).

Your core is key because:

1) It isrepparttar 149534 link between your upper and lower body 2) It protects your spine 3) It stabilises your body in any movement 4) It has a major influence on your posture

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